September 23, 2009

ragged fashion up-cycled cord soft bangle bracelet

Sometimes the most interesting developments spring from unlikely sources. So it is with this design series of cotton fiber bracelets which are made from cut off segments of hand dyed cord.

The piece shown to the left is a slip on bangle style cotton bracelet assembled from pieces of cord that have been bound together to create a pattern resembling geological strata (hence the name).

The colors are recombined in ways not possible with the highly structured weave of the turks head knots. The strands are arranged on a plastic mold and held in place temporarily with
sewing needles. The loop back patterns and interweaves are worked out and the needles are moved and repositioned until the final pattern is achieved.

At that point nylon thread is used to draw or compress the strands together with each lateral pass going through the cords from each side. Lock stitching is used to hold the thread in place. The ends are left frayed but are bound by the stitching.
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