December 10, 2009

sailor knot bracelet made with high tech spyder line

Went to a high priced marine supply store and found some premium high-strength nylon material. This stuff is made by New England Ropes right here in the USA.

It's a 2 mm diameter woven sheath over a synthetic core. Color "Mango" which is close to orange with red and blue flecks.

The color is a bit washed out in the photos.

The piece to the left is a 17 x 5 x 3 double diamond pattern worked on a 7 1/2" mold. This brings the braid to an almost 90 degree crossing for an adult "medium" slip-on size.

The nylon is very smooth so unlike cotton this piece can be worked up to a smaller diameter without too much effort. There is reduced friction between strands which makes it  easy to pull more slack from the knot.

Shrinkage would not be an issue due to the synthetic materials although there will be some absorption. There is no stretch to this either. The "spyder" line is tightly woven and the core is dense. Maybe something to try for the next web...

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