December 5, 2009

square knot cotton bangle bracelets made with small cotton cord

Being away from the knot shop studio forced me to try some new (old) techniques using much smaller diameter cord. 

Here's a stack of cotton bangles made from #18 cotton cord using a familiar macrame knotting technique.

All of these are made the same diameter 2 3/8" but the technique can be used on a limitless number of molds in various sizes to suit the need.

Start with about 12' of cord.
Thread a small wood bead and place it at the center of the doubled cord.

Wrap the doubled cord around a mold, in this case a PVC coupling, reverse the working ends and tie the first square knot.

This creates a four strand core which is then used to support a series of square knots. These knots create the diagonal crossing pattern seen on the left.

Working the knots around the core and keeping an even tension brings the work back to the starting point. Final knot is placed snug against the bead and the loose ends are pulled tight.

A bit of nylon floss secures the cotton cord and enables the loose ends to be cut without fear of unraveling. 

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