February 26, 2010

frayed work in progress part II 551

Another run at putting fiber together in a bundle. This time the cords run "up and down" with the nylon thread going "round and round" (that's technical language)

On the mold there were loops where the colored cord reversed direction. These have been cut to enable the natural softness of the cord to express through the fray. Some core color plus the dyed sheath color come through.

The ends are loosened up and bushed out to thicken and soften the edges. Looks like more fray is a good thing.

Technical challenges include consistent threading of the nylon thread through all the cords, shrinkage of the cords as they are compressed creating gaps in the surface, and routing of the nylon thread.

The nylon thread makes for zero stretch or pretty close to it. This one is made on a 7 5/8" mold so it's a "medium" size for someone with skinny hands.

Like all the other design )strata( series this is made from up cycled materials. Also, it's green. no really look closely!

design and photos copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

February 17, 2010

work in progress, cotton fiber bracelet 546

Here's the finished bracelet with the colored loops interwoven with the substrate core. Size is 7 3/8" inside circumference and there is a bit of flexibility so someone with larger paws could squeeze it on.

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Process photo: New direction in bracelet design using a single strand 9 x 22 base stuffed with loops of colored cotton cord.

Nylon thread holds the loops in place. Ends are knotted and left untrimmed. Frayed ends of the cord loops are further loosened to build up texture.

Here's a close up of one of the loop sets worked through the weave of the turks head.

The "hair" is ends of the nylon floss.

design and photos copyright 2010 by WhatKnotShop

February 13, 2010

The Hack Factory TCmaker's new home

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February 11, 2010

Wide white herringbone turks head bracelet 480

White nylon material comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. This material is a soft core with a braided outer shell. It's a bit more than 1/8" in diameter but rather soft to the touch which makes for a nice smooth texture.

Here's a 41 bight double weave herringbone design that has not been doubled. The cord is substantial enough to hold a flexible but firm shape. Size is "huge" at 9 1/4" (230 mm) inside circumference and 2 1/4" (58 mm) wide.

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February 10, 2010

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February 7, 2010

beaded ankle bracelets with toggles 489 & 490

Casual summer sandal ankle bracelets for your next trip to the beach. These are toggle closure anklet/bracelet pieces that have embedded rows of glass beads.

This is the blue-green one showing the embedded blue beads in the center.

This is the pink/red one. Here you can see the loop detail containing the shiny beads with the matte finish beads adjacent.

The toggle bead is a nice irregular red piece that almost looks line a button.

These are both about 8 3/4" (223 mm) just right for a smaller foot or a larger wrist

The outer cord forms the toggle loop.

In this one you can see how the big glass bead toggle works.

Both of them are constructed with 4 ply waxed nylon worked across the strands securing the beads in the center.

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