February 7, 2010

beaded ankle bracelets with toggles 489 & 490

Casual summer sandal ankle bracelets for your next trip to the beach. These are toggle closure anklet/bracelet pieces that have embedded rows of glass beads.

This is the blue-green one showing the embedded blue beads in the center.

This is the pink/red one. Here you can see the loop detail containing the shiny beads with the matte finish beads adjacent.

The toggle bead is a nice irregular red piece that almost looks line a button.

These are both about 8 3/4" (223 mm) just right for a smaller foot or a larger wrist

The outer cord forms the toggle loop.

In this one you can see how the big glass bead toggle works.

Both of them are constructed with 4 ply waxed nylon worked across the strands securing the beads in the center.

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