April 15, 2010

Back online after DSL modem outage

Dontcha just love it when all of a sudden the "you are not connected to the internet" pops up on your browser instead of expected web page? Late last night I get this message and a glance at the modem shows a row of green lights with a red one on the top. Hmmm. The DSL light is out, The internet light is out. Cycled it on and off a few times with no effect. After a call to Quest tech support the verdict is in: bad modem and oh BTW it's "out of warranty" (of course...)

Back in the green now after a visit to my local Best Buy and a quick call to the ISP to configure the box. So I need you all to support my new connection hardware with a visit to my Zibbet shop

Click and see a huge inventory of colorful turks head bracelets, a new collection of the design )strata( bracelets, and a few unusual items as well.


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