June 1, 2010

white nylon ankle bracelet 673

White nylon ankle bracelet made with 1/8" cord. Color is white. Size starts out at 14" inside circumference to enable wearer to slip the anklet on over the foot. The weave is then worked up to final size between 9 1/2" to 10" in place.

Ends are left loose to permit adjustment.
This will measure about 2" in width in it's final shape.

check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these three online shops:

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The Knitwit Hues said...

Hiya, George! This beautiful creation is aka ankle safety gear from falling signs at fruit and vegie stands! :P
Diane Eve

Ankle Bracelet said...

Looking very stylish and beautiful. I think these are the most demand full bracelet for today's market.

Blue Diamond said...

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