November 6, 2010

more Collections on ArtFire and Etsy updated

Those of you who visit handmade craft venues ArtFire and Etsy may be aware that members of these groups create collections of items in the online shops. Often these are themed groupings of similar types of products, some are color based collections, while others are seemingly random whimsical assemblies of cool stuff. Here is a list of recent collections that have featured work in my ArtFire and Etsy shops.

Please feel free to comment on these collections and be sure to click through to the shops that may interest you to see more work.

Indie Junction in Purple and Mint curated by ZurDesigns on Etsy

light and pretty gifts for her by secretafe on  Etsy

Blue skies Curated by jewelsforhope on ArtFire

Your Kid's Teacher Called... He doesn't want another 'A+ Teacher Mug' a collection to help save male teachers from banal gifts by BuyMyBalls on  Etsy

Your Kid's Teacher Called... She doesn't want another school mascot sweater! a collection to help save female teachers from banal gifts by BuyMyBalls on  Etsy

The Blue Room a collection of IndieJunction artists by ZurDesigns on  Etsy

Tyed in Knots curated by knot master Matt at mysticknotwork on ArtFire
Handwoven Pleasures! curated by Pandulaartscreations on ArtFire
Snow White curated by MiamiMadeIt on Etsy
Grey Paradise curated by Khalliahdesign on ArtFire
Beautiful Autumn!! curated by Jannadu on ArtFire
Great Finds curated by JudysDesigns on ArtFire

HGTV Gift Guide in Shades of Blue/Green  curated by ZurDesigns an upstanding honcho of the IndieJunction team on Etsy

oh deer, everything lovely curated by UrbanRevisions on Etsy

Purple Power! curated by suzedablooze an upstanding member of the IndieJunction team on Etsy

Warm curated by voscoleccion on Etsy

Muted Twilight  curated by RavensLane on Etsy

Winter Marine curated by dmtgun3 on Etsy

Comfortable greys curated by AnnyMay  on Etsy

These are a few of my favorite things! curated by MetalStoneDesigns on Etsy

Teen Gift Guide curated by warmnfuzzies on Etsy

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Mami Made It said...

Thanks! There are some great and interesting collections!