November 18, 2010

large rope bracelets

This design is made with large size cotton clothesline cord which makes for a gigantic size bracelet. In this example the material is worked in a 4 part by 5 bight design. This oversize look is available from Tanya Aguiniga with hand dyed color accents.

Those of you that would like one or more of these for your own craft projects (dip dying or other work) please request a custom order via this link  custom order

Even though this looks huge the material is lightweight and quite soft. This cord comes with a synthetic core that can be left in place or removed by cutting the cord and drawing the core out with a small pair of pliers.

This material is an off-white more natural looking cotton made in a braided pattern around the core.

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop


Cheap Bracelets said...


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Rope Bracelets said...

Wow those are very beautiful rope bracelets. Very creative.

Big and chunky but elegant. It looks kinda like a big single Orthodox Knot.