March 16, 2011

Hot Dry Midwestern Summer Night collection on Etsy

March in Minnesota is anything but hot and dry so this speculatively labeled collection is a nice fast forward to the summer season. Hot Dry Midwestern Summer Night curated by TaviaSanza contains two images of cats (Blackberry and Backed in), a mysterious photo of a girl on a sofa, and a very graphic photo of towels. There's underwear here too.

Add to this featured item beaded 3 button desert sunset cuff bracelet and you have a recipe for heat even if it is March. This bracelet is one of the design )strata( series all unique handmade bracelets made from up-cycled had dyed cord, beads, buttons and nylon thread. See more of these in the design section on Etsy, ArFire or Zibbet.

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