March 1, 2011

red cord fabric double toggle cuff bracelet w beads 1199

 This is a double monkey fist knot and loop closure cuff in bright colors. The cords are a mix of hand dyed cotton and synthetics. There are three different textures: the smooth cotton Darice cord that are the red, orange, blue and yellow colors; the cotton cable cord which is the yellow and purple color; braided synthetics colors electric green and light blue.
The monkey fists are tied in a pair and the cord is wrapped around to form the toggle loops. The entire structure is "post tensioned" with nylon thread which stretches then compresses the cords and makes a stiff shell our of the cord forming a fabric. Three glass beads accent the piece.

Size is a "small" measuring 7 1/4" (184 mm) circumference.
This design is similar to a number of other design )strata( bracelets like this double button cuff and this three button cuff and this double toggle beaded cuff  although these designs use buttons and large beads as toggles.

All these are unique designs which share similar details.
design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

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