April 26, 2011

neon bright colors in traditional rope bracelet weaves

 Bright synthetic cord is used to create these classics. The traditional three part plain weave design made with 5/32" cord. Unlike cotton cord theses will never shrink and will never rot. The colors are integral to the material. The first example is a very bright lemon yellow in a 17 bight weave about 8 1/4" (209 mm) inside circumference. (1280)
 This example is a deep electric purple also made in a 17 bight weave design. (1281)

Find these listed in the solid colors section of the ArtFire  shop. If you like the color but need a different size please message me: use the "contact artisan" button on the left side of the screen.
This one is a really nice blue color that is impossible to replicate in cotton. The size is smaller only 6 3/4" (174 mm) made in a 14 bight pattern. (1282)

More neon brights can be found in the Etsy Shop

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