July 21, 2011

Twilight is my favorite time on Etsy

Here's a small but fun collection Twilight is my favorite time made by Christina Furst. Check out her other recent collection Soft Relaxation for more casual items in blue and grey.

I like Sammie The Sock Monster Knitting Pattern available from dangercrafts in Bellingham. This is the pattern only so you will need to find some materials elsewhere. See more of Rebecca's knit menagerie and read her blog.
I also was drawn to dreamscape: autumn fire sundown a painting made by Jeanne Hospod who has an impressive collection of self portraits and imaginary landscapes in her Etsy shop as well as her blog.

The featured item in this collection is the black BASIC turks head knot bracelet one the do-it-yourself style rope bracelets in the BASIC series. This one is a small size just right for teenagers. You can request a custom color or order multiples for gift giving just by making a request in my Etsy shop.