August 7, 2011

Blue Cream. now showing on Etsy

Two comfortable colors organize blue cream. a collection by Arlie Trowbridge. See more of her  Shredded T-Shirt Apparel, Accessories and Glass Jewelry in her shop  UrbanRevisions on Etsy.

One of my favorites is the Laurel crocheted necklace in fisherman cream white made by jess o. from Philadelphia. She offers an intriguing variety of knit and crochet accessories in her shop ohjustjess. The knit jersey bracelets with the industrial couplings combine soft crochet with hardware for a dramatic contrast.

On the blue side is this handsome Large German Pottery Vessel made by Hindsvik from Canada. There is a lot more Vintage Home Decor and Furniture in the shop well worth a visit.

The featured item in this collection is the navy blue BASIC turks head knot bracelet which is part of the BASIC bracelets collection available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Each BASIC bracelet is adjustable to maker a perfect fit. Illustrated instructions are included with each order and are available online as well. 

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oh.just.jess said...

thanks so much for your kind words! i love your knot bracelets ;)