September 9, 2011

Sea Shades collection now open on Etsy

Warm ocean colors are the theme for Sea Shades a collection made by Shoebox727.

Galileo was in the news recently so this original 1895 Antique Engraving of the Solar System and the Zone of the Planetoids would make a fine addition to your observatory wall. Offered by the von Strudels in their aptly named shop bananastrudel from a huge collection of chromolithographs. You may want to visit their other Etsy Shop fotostrudel for more pictures.

From an unlikely but strangely interesting shop named montesanoalpacas we get up cycled micro-architecture for birds. Their profile is all about alpacas raised on an Alabama farm but their Teal Shutter Wooded Birdhouse is but one example of a fascinating collection of bird houses made from salvaged materials.

The featured item in this collection is wide green & blue turks head knot sailor bracelet  one of the more popular blended color combinations in my Etsy shop. This bracelet can be made in both smaller and larger sizes by special order. To request a custom design like this please use the Etsy convo utility or leave a comment here.

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