December 6, 2011

green rope bracelet 1681

 I end up with a lot of shorter pieces of cord when making larger more complex weave designs so every now and then just grab the scrap basket and see what's in it.

These are the simplest three part rope bracelets. Everyone knows how to make them, ok well a lot of people do and there are a number of online tutorials available for the do-it-yourselfers.

This is a nice bright green color hand dyed 3 mm soft cotton cord made into a 14 bight bracelet.
My give-away basket gets full over the winter and by the time the next block party rolls around there are a lot of these in different colors and sizes.

Find this one listed in the Etsy shop, several more in the ArtFire shop, and you can get lost in the huge selection available in my Zibbet shop.

I will combine product from these venues for reduced shipping if you contact me and ask...

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