January 13, 2012

Class will be held outside today collection on Etsy

Class will be held outside today is a collection by Amanda & Joe filled with fun stuff, if only we could do this in January but Minnesota and Maine are too cold. Check out Amanda's featured seller interview and be sure to visit the LongWinterSoapCo shop.

Brianne serves up a fun Girl Dress with Military Style Details from the spring/summer collection available at VintageChildModern. Visit and pre-order now.

Heather Shaw offers this fun sewn card of Japanese paper from her Etsy shop pi'lo sale. Yes there are pillows, art, and party things with an abundance of cute kids.

The featured item in this fun collection is this white turks head knot sailor rope bracelet one of the classic white designs. You can wear these both inside and outside weather permitting of course!

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