February 4, 2012

I sCREAM for iceCREAM collection on Etsy

Tatum Reid likes cream/white/beige and made this collection I sCREAM for iceCREAM with some of her favorites. Visit her shop tatumreid bicycle built for two to see her initial collection of coasters and cat toys.

This Diamond Pattern Hanging Crocheted Glass Globe Tea Light Candle Lantern got sold but there are more available in Jenn's shop PoorLittleLamb along with masquerade masks and mermaids.

Northern climates call for warm bedding and this Custom made linen duvet cover ...My wooden dream... will make your nights well, a dream. LovelyHomeIdea is the shop, Lovely Home is the handle for this textile design studio which is filled with natural fibers and logical design.

The featured item in this cream/white/beige collection is this ecru herringbone weave turks head sailor knot rope bracelet medium one of the many variations on the over-two, under-two herringbone weave pattern. This one is made from a soft, off-white cotton cord and can be found in the classic whites section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy. An even bigger collection is available on Zibbet or you can make a custom request.

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