September 26, 2012

soft silver synthetic adjustable cuff 2374

Built from a legacy stash of soft 3 mm braided cord this special cuff is designed to slip on and then work up to a nice snug fit on your wrist. The material is a mixed synthetic fiber blend predominately a silver color with lime green and black threads interwoven.

Once drawn up to a comfortable size the loose ends may be tucked under and trimmed off. The result is a seamless cuff that is as durable as it is soft.

The knot design is a 9 part 13 bight plain turks head. Find an online tutorial here that shows how you can make a similar but much wider design from an ordinary piece of cotton cord.

Unlike cotton this material can be wetted and dried repeatedly without significant shrinkage making this a perfect accessory for long term wear.
See this item listed in my Etsy shop here.

For special orders or other custom work please use the conversation utility and reference this blog page.

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September 13, 2012

back to school blues on Etsy

I have a neighbor who just started kindergarten and she is very happy about going with the other kids every day. Some students not so much...for them Valerie created this back to school blues collection  
Check out her shop Cabin filled with cute fashion accessories, art and housewares with a wooden touch.

I'm all about knots and so is this knitted scarf necklace made by Andreia from Cascais, Portugal where she knits. Her shop name tricotaria says it all and is filled with eco accessories, necklaces, cowls, scarves, and bags.

I'm also all about the sea and this Sea Coral in Denim IV 11x14 print is an elegant addition to any frame. See more of Kerri Shipp's skillful work in her shop driftwoodinteriors all the way around the globe in Queensland!

The featured item in this blue collection is this denim blue BASIC turks head knot rope bracelet which comes to you in an adjustable form so that you may make it fit just right on your wrist. There are lots of other colors you can choose from in the DIY BASIC bracelets section of WhatKnotshop on Etsy

September 9, 2012

Autumn is Coming collection on Etsy

Ok this is the pottery review edition...of the collection Autumn is Coming put together by vik and ig creators of Waldorf Dolls and environmentally friendly toys available in their shop aptly named Craftelina.

These Set of 6 Stoneware Dessert Bowls in Fog Blue Gray made by Patricia Brown are quite elegant and the color is wonderful. See more of this  work from the Ideal Pottery in the shop LittleIdealPottery located in San Angeleno TX.

I was taken with these Set of 3 Stoneware Tapas Cups - Blue Gray - Appetizer Bowls - Dip Cups made by Jan from Skaneateles, New York. The form and color are very skillful. Doesn't really matter what you use them for you just want to hold these rounded forms. More nice work here in JanFairhurstPottery.

The featured item in this collection is a very simple blue grey cotton turks head knot rope bracelet made with soft hand dyed cotton cord. The endless variations of grey that come out of the dye baths make for similar but unique colors. See more of these in the solid colors section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy

September 2, 2012

three wrap rope bracelet or necklace design 2284

Received a special request to make a wrap around  style rope bracelet from a customer who liked the look of the rope grommet bracelets and wanted something more contemporary. White can be a difficult color to keep looking clean, her choice was grey a color that is very complementary.

Find a similar design here in the Etsy shop.
 The materials are a hand dyed grey cotton cord and waxed cotton thread.

The design starts with a 3x3x3 monkey fist button knot. The extra length cords are then worked into a traditional twisted rope. This process is done on a jig. The end loops are wrapped around a pin on the jig and secured with the waxed cotton whipping thread.

The loose ends are laid parallel and secured with another whipping.

This design works as a three-wrap bracelet for a smaller wrist (about 6 3/4") and can also be used as a choker style necklace. The overall length is about 19".

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop