October 22, 2012

Jewelry Box collection on Etsy

This cool collection Jewelry Box was put together by Jane Kilpatrick Schott a self described interior Decorator, Textile Whore, Pillow Empress & High End Scavenger. She has an Etsy shop janeschott
Empress of The Eye filled with pillows. Go ahead, sleep on it...
I think this is cool because she included this Bead Embroidery Bracelet made by √Čvi Csizmadia Lajosn√© (no I'm not going to try and pronounce this...) which is part of an inspired collection of work in her Etsy shop Vicus. It has awesome glass spikes which have to be the first I've seen.

I also like the design of this Five Hammered Stacked 1mm Band Ring made by Neta Wolpe part of her Etsy shop NetaJewelry filled with handmade jewelry designer gold wedding bands and lots of other elegant goodies. Find her on the web at Neta Wolpe - Jewelry
The featured item in this collection (thank you Jane!) is this rope nautical bracelet made with traditional marlinspike know-how. The cotton cord is a nice hefty material and the waxed thread was used for securing the frayed ends of lines back in the day aboard the clipper ships. This is a unique adjustable  design that expands to fit over a big hand, then you tug the loop end and secure it with the monkey fist knot reducing the size to a comfortable loose fit. See size and color variations of this bracelet in the nautical knot bracelets section of my Etsy shop.

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Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

I rarely do the Etsy boards, but when I do I am delighted that I can find such creative and high quality goods as those you design.
Keep your eye on the Empress as I am working on some
new collections that I think will be interesting.
Thanks for the write up and keep creating.