November 29, 2012

grey and yellow beaded tribal inspired cuff bracelet 2517

 Here's another variation on the two-rib cuff design. The ribs are the layered clothesline cords that form the edges and are the structure of the cuff. The loops and buttons are stitched in these heavy cords. The infill cords and beads are laid out inside the edge cords held in place with long needles. Four ply nylon thread is passed through at 90 degrees and tensioned to form the cuff.

Each of these starts out with a similar structure but  develop into unique expressions as the materials are assembled.
The center row of beads are a collection of irregular shapes in a mostly blue green range. These are threaded into the nylon thread during the layout process. When the thread is tensioned the beads and cord are pulled tightly together forming a fabric. This tensioning process is done in sequence to gradually tighten the assembly from the center to the ends.

The resulting form is quite stiff and self supporting for a bunch of string!
 The edges are actually three cords arranged in a triangular relationship. This creates two seams on each rib: one outside, one inside. These seams are where the rows of glass seed beads are stitched in.

Colors are a mix of blues, greens and, off-white. The rib cords are a medium grey.

Size is a firm "medium" 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference when closed.
Two brown plastic buttons and loops make this easy to open but secure when closed.

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