January 12, 2013

grey sennet braid cotton bracelet 2613

 Holiday hiatus is now over but there has been a good deal of cold weather which encourages a high level of indoor crafting activities.

This is an experimental design that combines a simple sennet braid with the edge binding technique used in the design )strata( work. The overlapping weave is an eight strand braid built on a core mold. (8x8x1)  The cords are laid parallel in between the two areas of braid then bound together with four ply nylon thread.
 This sennet is very similar to a turks head knot hence he similarity in appearance of the woven sections. If the parallel cords were left loose the whole thing would lose it's shape and become a tangle (quite a common outcome familiar to knot-tyers everywhere.)

The edge binding causes the bound cords to assume a stiffer form which in turn creates the rectangular shape once this knot is released  from the circular form of the mold.
The material is a hand dyed grey cotton cable cord. This was made on an 8" core mold so the relaxed size is about 7" inside circumference.

Size is easily adjusted by substituting a different core mold size.

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