March 5, 2013

back to basics three part knot bracelet rust red 2541

 Sometimes the basic simple designs are the most fun. This is a traditional three part turks head knot bracelet very similar to many of the offerings you can find with a quick web search.

This one is made with a #24 cotton cord much lighter than the #30 which I commonly use.

The color is a nice deep rust red.
 The lighter cord means that more bights must be added to the design to achieve a desired size. This bracelet is made with 23 bights and measures only 7 5/8" (193 mm) circumference. By comparison a #30 cord would build a 7 1/2" size with only 17 bights.

More bights means a bit more built-in stretch so this one can stretch a full 1" and return to size.
Soon to be available in one of the shops...

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