June 4, 2013

wide weave re-shapeable herringbone rope bracelet 2768

 This functional cuff is made with a hybrid herringbone weave that features a tapered edge. Instead of the usual "over two - under two" the edge is a single over/under which gives it a thinner more contoured shape.

You can see the single overlap on either side in the photo to the left.

The herringbone weave allows this cuff to stretch to 8 5/8" (219 mm) to slip over your hand, then it can be re-shaped to fit snugly on your wrist.
This design uses about 19 ft of 1/8" braided nylon cord and is made on an oversize cylindrical mold.

Maximum width is about 2 1/4" (56 mm) when fully compressed.

Here's another similar design you might like.

Here's a hybrid design with a double thickness edge.

Looking for a super size herringbone? check this out.

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