February 9, 2016

club color collection rope bracelets for your school, club, or team 3832

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 Popular school and club color rope bracelets made to order in your choice of sizes.
Select the color combination that matches your favorite team, school, or organization and have a custom made order shipped directly to your door.

Gold series I

Brown and Gold
Orange and Black
Maroon and Gold
Blue and Gold
#ropebracelet #handmade #turkshead #knot #bluebracelet #knotbracelet

The blue series combines the most popular combinations with natural white cotton cord to produce a festive variety of choices.

Blue series

Dark Green and White
Navy and White
Regatta Blue and White
Royal Blue and White

#ropebracelet #handmade #turkshead #knot #bracelet
More cool choices with the popular gold color round out the top 25 most popular color combinations

Gold series II

Black and Gold
Dark Green and Gold
Navy and Gold
Purple and Gold

#ropebracelet #handmade #turkshead #knot
More popular color combinations are perfect souvenirs for you next event.

Red color series

Black and White
Purple and White
Red and Black
Red and White
Maroon and White

Don't see your color combination? More choices are available by special order.

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