August 30, 2016

bent plastic fiber bracelets 3996

Bent plastic refers to the source of the fibers for these bracelets: a length of plastic rope used as a cushioning material between large diameter pieces of steel pipe. The rope was recovered from the construction site, cleaned, then unraveled to reveal the fibers.

The irregular shape is a result of the bent fibers distorting the naturally circular form that grommets tend to take on when made from relaxed (cotton) cord.

Here's a collection of cotton grommet bracelets.
 This one is made from pure plastic filler embedded in the rope to provide some elasticity. It's actually a thin strip of material that has been twisted into a cord like form.

Whippings are made with waxed thread.

Here is a similar collection made from beach rope.
This one is made from a piece of bright blue synthetic. You can see the "corners" where the natural distortions of the fiber cause local anomalies in the curvature.

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August 27, 2016

right angle weave rope bracelet 3992

 3 mm cotton braid is used to build this rather simple but interesting rope bracelet. The weft is 9 wraps around a circular mold and the warp is the long ends placed in a double over-under crossing pattern.

As you can see the end wraps create a textured edge and the double overlap a nice hefty thickness.

This example is 8" inside circumference about right for an adult hand.
 A single piece of cord is used here but endless color variations are possible by using hand dyed  segments like these:

pink and purple
sea glass colors 
thick green and blue cuff

Tutorial instructions showing how to make these bracelets is here:

Making a basket weave rope bracelet
An index of the published collection here

available here
Similar bracelets are available please visit WhatKnotShop to see what's available

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August 25, 2016

knotted cord bead necklaces 3997

Simple essential adjustable choker style necklaces with a single bead are the perfect gift for that teen on your shopping list.

The tube knots slide on the cord allowing the necklace to open up to over 27 1/2". After placement over the head the size can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

Minimum size is 14 1/2" (362 mm)
 Each of the beads is round 9 mm diameter polymer clay, the dark brown color is shown here.

The tube knots are secured with a tiny bit of adhesive.

Bead colors available:
dark brown
light turquoise blue
granite grey
metallic red

Available at WhatKnotShop

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August 18, 2016

mixed bag of rope bangle bracelets 3988

Backfilling sold items in the shop produces leftover pieces of cord in random lengths and colors following a production run.   Here is a collection of little rope grommets made from these pieces.

Grommets are a traditional form of rope craft made by reverse twisting individual pieces of cordage in a circular form. The ends are secured with a waxed thread coach whipping.
Top to bottom:
Navy and tan with black 6 1/4"
plain white braid with white 7 1/4"
pink and orange with tan 7 1/4"
white cotton 7 1/2"

Detail of the pink and orange grommet bracelet showing two coach whippings necessary to secure the two overlapping colors.

Similar bracelets are available please visit WhatKnotShop to see what's available

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August 16, 2016

dip dyed rope bracelets 3984

A small collection of knotted rope bracelets edge dyed in yellow and scarlet. The cord is a nice thick braided cotton with an open porous weave which accepts the water based dye quite readily.

The bracelets are 11x3x3 plain weave design measuring about 6 1/4" (158 mm) circumference.
The first dye bath was the yellow color. The bracelets were placed in a shallow pan and the dye then absorbed upwards into the edge of the bracelet. After a period of time the bracelets were removed and placed on a drying rack.

The second dye bath is the scarlet. The red is a heavier more opaque color. The damp cord absorbed the red dye easily - too easily as you can see places where the red just about covered all the yellow.
24 hours on the drying rack and these bracelets are finished. These have not been rinsed out to avoid further merging of the colors so some dye transfer may occur.

Custom work like this in your choice of colors may be requested.

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August 14, 2016

black braided collar 3985

Thinner hand dyed cotton cord worked in a four part flat braid terminated with a pair of monkey-fist ball knots forms a medium width rope collar. No hardware is used. The ball knots fit inside the open loops to secure the closure.

Each part of the braid is tripled. The ends are secured with waxed thread and trimmed off.
 Internal circumference is 14" (356 mm) however this collar will tend to shrink slightly
4 3/8 " (110 mm) diameter
7/8" (20 mm) wide

Made-to-order similar to this design created in white nylon: four part nylon weave rope collar choker necklace 3707

Available soon.

design and photographs copyright 2016

August 12, 2016

five fiber bangles from reclaimed rope 3987

This collection of handmade bracelets is constructed from reclaimed bits of rope found on ocean beaches. Ragged segments of damaged rope were deconstructed, sorted, and worked into simple grommets.

The fibers have a worn discolored and stained quality that blends together in the group. The materials are all synthetic plastics that have acquired a softer natural quality during the pounding and stress of the water and sand.
 The construction is the same as other grommets with groups of fibers twisted together in a circular form. Overlapping ends are secured with waxed cotton whipping.

Extremely lightweight.
Detail showing the mixed blue and white fiber mix and the pair of whippings that secure the loose ends.

design and photographs copyright 2016