August 16, 2016

dip dyed rope bracelets 3984

A small collection of knotted rope bracelets edge dyed in yellow and scarlet. The cord is a nice thick braided cotton with an open porous weave which accepts the water based dye quite readily.

The bracelets are 11x3x3 plain weave design measuring about 6 1/4" (158 mm) circumference.
The first dye bath was the yellow color. The bracelets were placed in a shallow pan and the dye then absorbed upwards into the edge of the bracelet. After a period of time the bracelets were removed and placed on a drying rack.

The second dye bath is the scarlet. The red is a heavier more opaque color. The damp cord absorbed the red dye easily - too easily as you can see places where the red just about covered all the yellow.
24 hours on the drying rack and these bracelets are finished. These have not been rinsed out to avoid further merging of the colors so some dye transfer may occur.

Custom work like this in your choice of colors may be requested.

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design and photographs copyright 2016

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