February 9, 2016

club color collection rope bracelets for your school, club, or team 3832

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 Popular school and club color rope bracelets made to order in your choice of sizes.
Select the color combination that matches your favorite team, school, or organization and have a custom made order shipped directly to your door.

Gold series I

Brown and Gold
Orange and Black
Maroon and Gold
Blue and Gold
#ropebracelet #handmade #turkshead #knot #bluebracelet #knotbracelet

The blue series combines the most popular combinations with natural white cotton cord to produce a festive variety of choices.

Blue series

Dark Green and White
Navy and White
Regatta Blue and White
Royal Blue and White

#ropebracelet #handmade #turkshead #knot #bracelet
More cool choices with the popular gold color round out the top 25 most popular color combinations

Gold series II

Black and Gold
Dark Green and Gold
Navy and Gold
Purple and Gold

#ropebracelet #handmade #turkshead #knot
More popular color combinations are perfect souvenirs for you next event.

Red color series

Black and White
Purple and White
Red and Black
Red and White
Maroon and White

Don't see your color combination? More choices are available by special order.

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February 8, 2016

double loop string bracelet with color 3830

Ordinary braided cotton line laid out in a double loop secured with a traditional coat whipping detail.

Two cotton floss accents add a bit of color

 7" (178 mm)
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February 4, 2016

mixed color herringbone rope bracelets 3820

herringbone weave rope bracelets affinity colors
 Developing a color group starts with the individual color selections that are matched to corresponding dyed cord samples. The grey and blue series is the affinity group that blends together. The lime and orange are the contrast group that sets off the affinity colors.

Individual single herringbone samples show the approximate color range for each dye batch applied to an ecru 3 mm cotton cord.

rope bracelet herringbone weave hand dyed cotton

The first mixed color sample in the affinity group is ecru, navy, royal, and teal. The ecru cord is used as a base cord to create the structure of the bracelet and the colors are interwoven. 3820

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another mixed color herringbone design

and another mixed color herringbone
herringbone weave rope bracelet blue ecru navy

The second mixed color sample in the affinity group is navy, grey, and teal. It comes off as less colorful because the grey and ecru colors are dominant. 3821
rope bracelet herringbone weave blue mixed color hand dyed cord
The third sample in the affinity group has no ecru cord just grey, navy, royal and teal. This has a more dense substantial character with the dominant blue colors. 3822

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February 2, 2016

blue one button cuff with wood beads 3829

handmade beaded bracelet
 The one-button design allows a variety of color schemes using both cord an beads or cord alone to create a colorful casual style bracelet. This example uses the ecru framing cord and button with an infill of aqua, navy and black to dramatize the blond color of the wood beads. The button and stirrup loop closure is very simple and secure.

Sized for an adult wrist this is 8" (203 mm)

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handcrafted wood bead bracelet
wood bead bracelet with hand dyed cord
one button in earth tones with beads

blue grey synthetic cord without any beads

A wider cuff design with two rows of beads

whimsical "lima bean" bead design  cuff

one button with handmade paper beads

tutorial showing how to construct the one button design, attach the button, and place the infill cords

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January 31, 2016

chunky fishtail braid rope bracelet with wood bead 3827

These oversize cuffs are big and chunky soft and flexible just right for people with bigger hands. The fishtail braid is tightly compressed on the carrier strands forming a smooth continuous section. This design uses a wood bead with the carrier stands passing through the bead. A tan coach whipping detail finishes off the toggle connection.

8 5/8" (219 mm)

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cotton fiber bracelet w toggle and beads

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January 29, 2016

blue double string bracelets 3826

 Lightweight and colorful these sting bracelets are double loops of braided cotton cord with cotton floss accents. The overlapping ends are secured with a traditional coach whipping of waxed thread.

size is 8" (2013 mm)
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two strand string bracelet with navy and bronze

black string cuff bracelet

tangled string toggle bracelet

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January 27, 2016

beaded soft bangle 3825

 Simple cylindrical form. Two colors of 3 mm cotton cord hand dyed grey and scarlet. A single square bead.

Edge stitched with high strength nylon.


8" (203 mm)
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thinner soft bangle with beads

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another thin beaded fabric bangle

grey fabric bangle with beads
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January 25, 2016

big desert camo paracord five part rope bracelet 3824

A big bracelet made out of 5/32" camo paracord. This color is predominately brown and tan with a small amount of dark green. Perfect for desert wear.

Full five part weave tripled for maximum width and symmetry.

No hardware or clips, this is a knotted weaving pattern using a single piece of material.

 8 5/8" (219 mm) circumference
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triple weave herringbone in white

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January 22, 2016

the royal navy dip dye pair special project 3823

Blue is the color of the oceans as seen from space and is also the subject of this dip-dye project. The two colors are very British: Royal (blue) and Navy (blue) hence the clever title of the post…

Top bracelet is the royal blue
Bottom bracelet is the navy blue

base material is off-white 100% cotton cord

more information about the hand dyed process

and even more background on dying cotton cord

Harder to see the color difference when the two are separated. The royal is a "bluer" blue with a bright graduated color. The navy is a more purple darker tone.

Both were immersed for about 20 minutes then left to dry before rinsing to help set the color.

crazy extra wide cuff with three colors

The ombre effect is limited in this pair. The dye did not creep up the fibers as much as expected.

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January 20, 2016

olive and navy beaded cuff bracelet 3806

Continuing the series of beaded cuff designs this variation uses a contrasting color scheme combing in a dark navy with blonde wood beads. An extra highlight of purple sets off the beads.

Slightly wider due to the three layers of cord this bracelet has a pleasing proportion to it.

Small button and loop toggle closure completes the cuff.
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two button ribbed cuff with wood beads
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January 18, 2016

bamboo blue beaded cotton cuff bracelet 3803

 bamboo barrel beads framed in navy and sand hand dyed cord. Edge stitched with single button closure.

7 1/4" (184 mm)
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beaded bracelet in an edgier style

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unusual big loop beaded cuff 

green beaded cuff bracelet

vertebrae bracelet

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January 16, 2016

olive and tan beaded button bracelet 3802

 Edge stitched construction of 6 mm wood spherical beads and hand dyed cotton cord. Lightweight one button design.

 7 1/4" (184 mm)
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three more colorful beaded cuffs

three beaded green cuffs 

larger one button bracelet/anklet

paper bead cuff

extra wide paper bead cuff

three button beaded cuff
Available soon WhatKnotShop

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