August 25, 2016

knotted cord bead necklaces 3997

Simple essential adjustable choker style necklaces with a single bead are the perfect gift for that teen on your shopping list.

The tube knots slide on the cord allowing the necklace to open up to over 27 1/2". After placement over the head the size can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

Minimum size is 14 1/2" (362 mm)
 Each of the beads is round 9 mm diameter polymer clay, the dark brown color is shown here.

The tube knots are secured with a tiny bit of adhesive.

Bead colors available:
dark brown
light turquoise blue
granite grey
metallic red

Available at WhatKnotShop

design and photographs copyright 2016

August 18, 2016

mixed bag of rope bangle bracelets 3988

Backfilling sold items in the shop produces leftover pieces of cord in random lengths and colors following a production run.   Here is a collection of little rope grommets made from these pieces.

Grommets are a traditional form of rope craft made by reverse twisting individual pieces of cordage in a circular form. The ends are secured with a waxed thread coach whipping.
Top to bottom:
Navy and tan with black 6 1/4"
plain white braid with white 7 1/4"
pink and orange with tan 7 1/4"
white cotton 7 1/2"

Detail of the pink and orange grommet bracelet showing two coach whippings necessary to secure the two overlapping colors.

Similar bracelets are available please visit WhatKnotShop to see what's available

design and photographs copyright 2016

August 16, 2016

dip dyed rope bracelets 3984

A small collection of knotted rope bracelets edge dyed in yellow and scarlet. The cord is a nice thick braided cotton with an open porous weave which accepts the water based dye quite readily.

The bracelets are 11x3x3 plain weave design measuring about 6 1/4" (158 mm) circumference.
The first dye bath was the yellow color. The bracelets were placed in a shallow pan and the dye then absorbed upwards into the edge of the bracelet. After a period of time the bracelets were removed and placed on a drying rack.

The second dye bath is the scarlet. The red is a heavier more opaque color. The damp cord absorbed the red dye easily - too easily as you can see places where the red just about covered all the yellow.
24 hours on the drying rack and these bracelets are finished. These have not been rinsed out to avoid further merging of the colors so some dye transfer may occur.

Custom work like this in your choice of colors may be requested.

Please visit WhatKnotShop to place your request

design and photographs copyright 2016

August 14, 2016

black braided collar 3985

Thinner hand dyed cotton cord worked in a four part flat braid terminated with a pair of monkey-fist ball knots forms a medium width rope collar. No hardware is used. The ball knots fit inside the open loops to secure the closure.

Each part of the braid is tripled. The ends are secured with waxed thread and trimmed off.
 Internal circumference is 14" (356 mm) however this collar will tend to shrink slightly
4 3/8 " (110 mm) diameter
7/8" (20 mm) wide

Made-to-order similar to this design created in white nylon: four part nylon weave rope collar choker necklace 3707

Available soon.

design and photographs copyright 2016

August 12, 2016

five fiber bangles from reclaimed rope 3987

This collection of handmade bracelets is constructed from reclaimed bits of rope found on ocean beaches. Ragged segments of damaged rope were deconstructed, sorted, and worked into simple grommets.

The fibers have a worn discolored and stained quality that blends together in the group. The materials are all synthetic plastics that have acquired a softer natural quality during the pounding and stress of the water and sand.
 The construction is the same as other grommets with groups of fibers twisted together in a circular form. Overlapping ends are secured with waxed cotton whipping.

Extremely lightweight.
Detail showing the mixed blue and white fiber mix and the pair of whippings that secure the loose ends.

design and photographs copyright 2016

June 29, 2016

small collection of custom color bracelets 3952

 Small collection of mixed color rope bracelets custom work like this is available please visit WhatKnotShop to make a request.
 rust red and canary yellow
 rust red sand tan and grass green
 rust red and grass green
canary yellow and grass green

design and photographs copyright 2016

May 31, 2016

blue paracord rope bracelet 3964

Thinner 325 paracord is used to create this nicely proportioned 12 part bracelet. The weave is a double diamond design so the knot assumes a handsome symmetrical shape when drawn up on the mold.

The color is a darker shade of royal not quite purple enough to be navy blue.

The paracord has a three strand core and is both soft and waterproof ideal for outdoor wear.
 Custom sizes available from extra small (6 1/4") all the way up to extra large (8 5/8")

Please visit WhatKnotShop to place your request

design and photographs copyright 2016

May 27, 2016

big rope bracelet 3950

Keeping on with the theme of "big"

This simple 11 part bracelet is made with 3/16" twisted cord. You can see how big this comes out in the first photo.

Only 11 parts but 7" (178 mm) circumference

The cord is a special construction known as "canoe lay" meaning it is manufactured with a very tight twist which results in a very stiff material.

 Well defined rope texture and classic 3 part braid.

A full 1.5 oz / 43 g mass

Available by special order visit WhatKnotShop and place a request

design and photographs copyright 2016

April 27, 2016

bold beaded cuff 3917

Really big clay beads are used to create this knobby bracelet. The hand dyed cotton cord makes a flexible framework with the edge stitching holding all the beads together.
 Here's the quarter view showing the button and loop closure. Inside circumference is 7 1/4" (183 mm) Here are some other designs you might like:

Leather bracelet with clay bead

A similar design with smaller beads

A bigger badder design industrial punk….

Adjustable design in hemp fiber
Side view

More like this in the fiber design section of the ETSY shop.

design and photographs copyright 2016

April 25, 2016

handmade rope wrap bracelet with button 3924

 Handmade rope handmade "boulder" button and hand sewn whipping detail completes a wrap bracelet.

These are large loops that are easy to turn into what look like multi-strand bracelets by wrapping the cord around the wrist and dropping the button in the loop.
 Here's the compact 6 wrap form showing the tan whipping detail.

Multiple colors and thicknesses of rope are available, this one is a manufactured cotton yarn with four pairs of two yarns each (4 x 2). The yarns are looped through the button and secured by the natural twist of the rope.

Here's a look at the rope machine
See this one and many other variations available in the wrap bracelets section of the online ETSY shop.

design and photographs copyright 2016

April 2, 2016

making small segments of cordage on a bench top rope machine part 2

 Part one shows the machine setup and cordage making. Go back to part one.

This is part 2 showing how the segments are finished off.

The wind is complete and the separator is disengaged from the twisted yarns. A few additional turns on the crank brings the wind to the critical end point.
 Here the separators is removed leaving the tensioned yarns in place. A tiny drop of white glue is introduced into the center of the cordage and a few more turns are taken. This holds the four strands together after the rope is removed from the machine.
 A piece of vinyl tape is applied to compress the yarns and prevent unravelling. This can be removed in a few minutes as soon as the glue takes hold.

The traveller (at the other end) is disengaged and the cord is allowed to relax into it's natural shape.
 Once the tension is removed the end loops can be disengaged from the hooks.
The finished cordage segment is relaxed. The twisted pairs are naturally held together by the reverse twist of the group of four.

Some excess wind has been released as the cordage is removed from the machine but the material is at equilibrium and ready to be used.

See the products of this machine in some of the following posts.

design and photographs copyright 2016 George Hutchinson

March 31, 2016

making small segments of cordage on a bench top rope machine part 1

This is a small rope machine built from hardware store parts. This view shows the four strand winders on the left and the traveller on the right with yarns rigged and ready.

This demonstration shows a 4 x 2 setup. Four (4) strands of two (2) yarns each.

The machine is set up with dark cotton yarn in preparation for creating a short segment of twisted cotton cordage.
 In this closeup view the four rotating hooks engage the yarn loops. The device on the left is a gang-crank that turns each of rotating hooks once for each turn of the crank a 1:1 ratio.

Once the yarns are placed the lengths are equalized so all four pairs are at the same initial tension. The pairs are looped around all the hooks so they can be adjusted easily.

Then the gang crank is turned several hundred times with a few pauses to keep the twisted pairs separated.

During the initial twist the yarn's length is naturally reduced by the twisting action. The traveler takes up the slack with a counterweight holding tension on the yarn as it is twisted.

The yarn pairs are now tightly twisted (+300 turns) together and the rope is ready to be made.
 On the other end is the traveller which is a single hook on a rotating spindle with another crank. This is the business end where the cordage is twisted into shape.

The initial twist has been completed and we are ready to wind.

The ball shaped object on the left is a separator made from a large cork (taken from a bottle of tequila) with a pattern of guide grooves. Each of the four yarns runs in it's own groove as the traveller takes up the wind.
 Another view showing progress. As the traveller crank is turned the separator retreats down the length of the yarns and the rope is formed.

The traveller is riding in the white track (borrowed from a bi-fold door) as the counterweight holds tension on the system.
The separator is now at the end of the wind next to the four hooks. The four pairs of yarns are almost fully wound up into the cordage.

The separator is disengaged and the rope is almost complete. A piece of tape will be applied to secure the four parts and prevent unraveling.

See what cool stuff this machine can produce in the kits+supplies section of the ETSY shop.

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design and photographs copyright 2016 George Hutchinson