August 21, 2014

white and navy rope bracelet 3383

 Classic nautical colors of bright white and navy blue made into a small rope bracelet. The material is 325 paracord which is a smaller diameter lighter weight material than the more common 525 variety. This smaller size makes this the perfect choice for people with smaller hands.
 Paracord is made from a fiber core covered with a woven sheath which provides a consistent smooth and colorful stock of material. The popular "survival bracelets" are made from this material. Available  in a huge range of colors paracord is easy to work with making these bracelets.

These knotted bracelets have no clips or other hardware, just a continuous weave pattern. Can you spot the ends?
Size of this bracelet is 6 1/4" (158 mm) inside circumference. The paracord will tend to shrink when it gets wet so this one would be just right for a teen or small adult wrist.

Other sizes and colors are available made-to-order here.

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August 20, 2014

distressed cord choker style necklace 3380

 Simple geometrical shape choker style necklace made from recovered distressed nylon cord. The material was salvaged from an ocean beach, washed and sanitized then made into this simple everyday accessory.

The material has an even frayed texture from the hard wearing sea-duty as a pot warp.

 The ends are connected with a snap-together barrel fastener. Size is approx 16 1/2" (420 mm)

Materials are naturally rugged so this accessory can go climbing, swimming, or wherever without care.
Color is an off-white or light grey. The barrel clasp is black.

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August 19, 2014

Pair of adjustable nylon cuffs 3379

 This is a matched pair of turks head knot cuffs made out of a single piece of 1/8" braided nylon cord.

 The weave design is 13x9x2 double diamond which creates a nicely proportioned size. They measure about 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference in the relaxed  size shown here. The loose weave will allow someone with adults size hands to flex them on over the thumb.
The ends of the cords are left loose (not bound together) so these cuffs can be slipped on an adjusted to a sung fit on your wrist. It's easy to work up the desired size by chasing the slack through the knot to the ends.

                         available here

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August 17, 2014

Sunset over Stockton Island Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Sunset over Stockton Island. Part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore the calm water on Presque Isle Bay provides a generous anchorage for visiting boats.

photograph copyright 2014 by George Hutchinson

August 11, 2014

outer island light Apostle Islands Lake Superior

Outer Island light located on the northern tip of Outer Island part of the Apostle Island National Lakeshore. More historical details here.

The tower and keepers quarters are constructed of brick in an Italianate architectural style completed in 1874. Originally equipped with a third order Fresnel lens made of six bulls-eyes revolving once every nine minutes creating a flash every 90 seconds. This lens has since been replaced with an LED source. The lantern stands 86 ft above grade but is on a bluff so the focal plane is 130 ft above the lake.

A tram system descends to a concrete landing on the lakeshore enabling equipment and supplies to be off-loaded and moved up the bluff. Restoration work is underway on the buildings and bluff to preserve this national historic landmark site.

photo copyright 2014 by George Hutchinson

July 30, 2014

Pt. Judith light RI

The light and coast guard station at Pt. Judith RI stands at the west entrance to Naragansett Bay. First built in 1810 and rebuilt multiple times following storms this important landmark guides shipping traffic east towards the Bay and west towards Long Island sound. Detailed history here.

In 1857 this octagonal tower was built and fitted with a fourth order fresnel lens which is still in place today. In 2000 Coast Guard architect Marsha Levy directed a renovation of the light which was competed by Campbell Construction.

photograph copyright 2014 George Hutchinson

July 28, 2014

Gilbert Stuart Birthplace historic site RI

 Birthplace of possibly the most famous portrait artist America has known Gilbert Stuart in Saunderstown RI. The portrait on the one dollar bill of George Washington has been seen by millions of people worldwide.

On the left a restored/rebuilt snuff mill with living quarters in the upper floors and the mill in basement. The building on the right is a re-created  grist mill used to grind native grown corn into corn meal using granite grindstones.

photographs copyright 2014 George Hutchinson
This view shows the restored spillway constructed of native stone. In the background is the undershot water wheel that powers the snuff mill.

The snuff mill building has a small collection of reproductions of Stuart's paintings. Originals hang in the National Gallery and other museums.

Guided tours the buildings and grounds are provided by a nonprofit group dedicated to preserving the history of the site and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

July 24, 2014

Beavertail Light Jamestown RI

 Beavertail Light (click for complete history) located on the southern tip of Connanicut Island is the third oldest light in the US built in 1749. The original wooden tower designed by Architect Peter Harrison burned, was rebuilt and later destroyed by retreating British troops. In this view you can see the 45 ft granite light tower built in 1856 with the smaller fog signal building on the left and the keeper's quarters on the right.

The fog signal building has been re-purposed as an aquarium with RI DEM naturalist tours offered during the summer months. The restored keeper's quarters are a museum of the history of the light station run by the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association. The grounds are open to the public including the restored base of the original wooden tower which stands just to the south of the current buildings on the exposed rocky ledge.
The US Coast Guard maintains the light and fog signal as an aid to navigation. The distinctive architecture is a group of simple square or rectangular white painted masonry structures with recessed openings and red shingle roofs. The tower is made from interlocking granite blocks with a black metal lantern. The light is a 7 sec. period single white counterclockwise rotating beacon. The original 3rd order fresnel lens is on display in the museum.

photographs copyright 2014 George Hutchinson

July 20, 2014

Lift Lock Peterborough ON

Downstream view of the historic 19.8 m vertical rise lift-lock located in Peterborough ON. Built in 1904 this is the world's highest hydraulic lift lock, one of only 7 built worldwide.

The left side lock basin is in the down position even with the surface of the water. You can see the supporting trusses on either side adjacent to the un-reinforced concrete piers. On the right you can see the elevated lock basin with the steel containment bulkhead on the downstream end. The trusses are centered on a vertical steel ram that supports each basin.

The two rams are controlled by a valve that transfers water from one ram to the other allowing simultaneous descent of the basin on the right with elevation of the basin on the left. Tons of water and boat are precisely balanced on each side (boat displacement = weight of water displaced) allowing the entire structure to ride easily in the vertical guides even if there is a boat in only one of the two basins.

The lock operates twice daily at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm and occasionally at 3:00 pm
2 hour sightseeing cruises are available Victoria Day through Labour Day. (May through September)

photograph copyright 2014 George Hutchinson

July 19, 2014

St. Joseph MI North Pier outer and inner lighthouses

Benton Harbor Michigan also known as the St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse outer cast iron and inner steel lights located on the north jetty. The outer light has part of the lantern catwalk missing possibly from storm damage. According to a local resident Lake Michigan froze over during the winter of 2013/4 resulting in much less wave action along these structures than when the lake remains open.

The lights are connected by an elevated iron framework that used to have an elevated catwalk deck and guardrails. This walkway allowed lighthouse tenders to get to the light structures without risking a traverse of the icy surface of the jetty itself. Both lights are operational and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

2009 winter photo

photograph copyright 2014 George Hutchinson

June 20, 2014

three part rope bracelets in club colors 3345

 Here's a project recently completed for a sailing club that wanted some nautical souvenirs in the club colors.

The design is a narrower two strand version of the classic three part rope bracelet.

Custom hand-dyed cotton cord was used to create the club colors of blue and gold.

Custom sizing is available from extra-small for the  younger crew to large and extra large for the fore-deck monkeys and skippers.
 Intense marine blue on one side...
Warm golden yellow on the other.

Read more about how hand dyed color is made.

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June 18, 2014

custom color cord for special projects

 In addition to the natural white cotton cord which is popular there are many color combinations that produce attractive rope bracelets. Here's a collection of colors that were used to make a set of customized one-of-a-color bracelets.

On the left aquamarine & white; light green & teal; scarlet & purple; light taupe & rust; orange & brown.

The cotton cord is dyed in small batches using the RIT color system. The process is described in more detail here.

Custom colors are available for your projects including finished pieces or bulk cord orders.

I recommend these links that have instructions for making turks head knot bracelets.
Here's a range of greens and blue-greens, another popular color family.

Custom colors require a few days to create. Some of these colors are stocked but only in limited quantities. If you are interested in a custom color please leave a comment or send an Etsy convo with your question.

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