April 28, 2011

Take the Candy Taste Test on Etsy - will you pass?

Take the CandyTaste Test and see what your grade is. SBGold has assembled this collection of treats for us to try out. Yum! Keeping extremities warm in style:

My sweet tooth favors the 80s Party Leg Warmers offered by mademoisellemermaid from Renae's collection of  handmade leg warmers, Hawaiian dresses, & whimsy accessories add a little Kawaii to your look!!

These Fingerless mittens Crochet, knit, Arm Wrist Warmers, Light Pink Gray, Grey offered by Victoriya from her Etsy shop named Lasunka will keep your hands warm too.

The featured item that passed the candy test is blue, pink, and purple double toggle cuff bracelet made from up-cycled hand dyed cord and beads. See more of these unique bracelets in the design section of my Zibbet shop or you can read more about this particular item on this blog click here to see the article.

April 26, 2011

neon bright colors in traditional rope bracelet weaves

 Bright synthetic cord is used to create these classics. The traditional three part plain weave design made with 5/32" cord. Unlike cotton cord theses will never shrink and will never rot. The colors are integral to the material. The first example is a very bright lemon yellow in a 17 bight weave about 8 1/4" (209 mm) inside circumference. (1280)
 This example is a deep electric purple also made in a 17 bight weave design. (1281)

Find these listed in the solid colors section of the ArtFire  shop. If you like the color but need a different size please message me: use the "contact artisan" button on the left side of the screen.
This one is a really nice blue color that is impossible to replicate in cotton. The size is smaller only 6 3/4" (174 mm) made in a 14 bight pattern. (1282)

More neon brights can be found in the Etsy Shop

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

Triad collection on ArtFire

Good things come in threes according to Teri the artisan behind STEMDesigns in this ArtFire collection entitled Triad. Stem Designs offers one of kind Handmade Artisan jewelry in silver, copper and other materials.
Among the good things in this collection I like the Three wheel thrown nesting bowls for the kitchen in black with green made by ugabugabowls located in Bothell, WA. Check out her cat Buster and the other fine work in her studio.
For pure comic joy I have to go with the Three Seagulls By The Bay photograph which captures the vacant arrogance of seagulls perched on a rail. Lesley Payne  has a photography studio filled with textured compositions of high graphic impact ranging from realistic to the abstract.

The featured item in this collection is three blue & grey fiber wrapped soft bangles made with hand dyed cotton cord fibers. See more of these in the Fiber Wrapped Jewelry section of my ArtFire shop.

April 25, 2011

Walking on Sunshine...Etsy collection

Walk on over to this sunny collection made by OriginalMischief and see some of the warmest ideas of spring. Monique works her magic on "Hip handmades using vintage and retro fabrics... because every body deserves a little mischief!" (can't argue with that!) Check out her bold, colorful work in her shop of the same name and also in Tactile Threads "Stash Busting! Vintage fabric, trim, notions and threads" also part of the Etsy universe.

Among my favorites is the Coin purse, bright yellow with zipper made by  NancysBagsEtc from Chepachet, Rhode Island. This clever design is functional fun for your pocket. SallyRags from Salem OR has Splash of Sunshine Yellow Trivet to brighten up your dinner table. Her shop is filled with Ecofriendly rag rugs, baskets, bowls crafted from 100% recycled fabrics and she donates a percentage of proceeds to a local food bank.

The featured item in this collection is the sunshine yellow BASIC turks head knot bracelet which comes to you in a large size ready to be adjusted to your custom fit. See the entire range of colors in this popular style in the BASIC bracelets section of the Etsy shop.

April 23, 2011

asymmetrical turks head knot bracelet 1304

One side of this bracelet is a seven part weave the other is a five part weave. In the photo to the left you can see where the weave turns around to form the wider overlapping pattern. The method for tying this is explained and illustrated on Theo Slijkerman's web site een mooie armband Theo has many other well illustrated projects including the elliptische mat  (elliptical mat) and Grommer (grommet) and keesje of apenvuist (monkey-fist knot).

The bracelet on the left is made with black and grey 3 mm cord measuring 7 1/4" (184 mm) a snug "medium" size.  Find it here. You can find a larger version in brick red cord in the Zibbet shop.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

April 20, 2011

Lots of Knots (so little time) treasury collection on Etsy

MelanieR has put together this collection of macrame items including micro-macrame. check out Melanie and Claudiu's shop featuring "Art-N-Wear" which consist of many types of knots and materials. The end products are wearable jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces and other odd items. The Dark Purple Egyptian Coil Bracelet is particularly eye catching.

The LARGE Multi Color Macrame Braid Bracelet / Pulcera by BRIANSGARAGESALE is an fascinating mix of macrame and weaving. Another favorite of mine is Venice Beach made by tfedorik is a necklace assembled with driftwood and beads. The level of design and detail in this piece is truly impressive not to mention beautiful.

The featured item in this collection is the orange & pink turks head knot sailor bracelet part of the neon brights collection. Made from durable synthetic cords this bracelet will make you visible on a dark night which is important for personal safety as well as raucous style. 

April 19, 2011

2 button toggle cuff bracelet with beads 1290

  Constructed fabric layers, subtle colors, glass beads. Size is 8" (203 mm) inside circumference. Two buttons and loops secure the bracelet closed.
 A large green glass bead nests in a cove on the edge of the overlap. Four ply nylon thread binds the assembly together.
 The seam at the overlap loops is filled with small glass beads.
Toggle closure loops are highlighted with cotton floss.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

April 17, 2011

You sunk my battleship collection on Etsy

Ever get that sinking feeling? Deborah OToole aka sunnyplainquilting apparently does and she shows us how in her collection You sunk my battleship which aptly describes this little universe of dreadnaughts. Battling for my attentions are the Vintage Metal Cracker Jack Prize offered by guiltypleasures who has a shop full of vintage and shabby chic items you need to check out. Reclaimed leather and a strong design sense make fullgive's shop of funky belts, laptop & messenger bags a must see. The fullgive leather belts presents the fg in battleship gray is but one example of this accomplished collection.

The featured item is once again the simple but sophisticated BASIC rope bracelet this one offered in (what else?) battleship grey. These start out large and loose then transition to fit according to your personal preference. Check out the entire collection of colors in the BASIC bracelets section of my Etsy shop.

April 16, 2011

blue green and black small rope bracelets 1296

Three small rope bracelets made for a special order. Two are blue-green blended colors, one is simple black. All three are 12x5x3 weave design using 3 mm cord. This produces a nicely proportioned small size slip on bracelet for younger people. The inside circumference is 5 1/2" (141 mm). These have just a bit of built in stretch.
Place a custom request at my Etsy shop use the Request Custom Item button or simply convo.

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April 14, 2011

Kid stuff - three styles made especially for children 1292

A Michigan mom wanted some gifts for her kids and requested three very different designs all made extra small to fit over tiny hands.
Upper left is a black multi strand cord bracelet with red beads similar to this item in the Etsy shop. A wilder version of this design can be seen here.
On the right is a grey and white turks head knot bracelet which is a replica of this adult sized bracelet also available in wider designs like this one or in a medium width design.
In the center is a square knot macrame bracelet with a green glass bead very similar to this one. Other slip-on style macrame bracelets can be seen here on the blog or visit the square knot bracelets section of the Zibbet shop.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

April 12, 2011

Don't Stop Believing collection on Etsy

For San Francisco Giants fans it's Halloween every spring. For k8secondo of Blue Room Creations in Salinas CA it's ballpark time. Maybe it's a long drive but so is a home run. Don't Stop Believing... is the cry of every baseball fan this time of year. The rest of us get to check out some cool crafts of the orange persuasion.

Pammydawn's Mariposa - Open Monarch Butterfly is a clever replica of the long distance flyer made in felt. Baghy from Romaina offers a shop full of leather bound blank books including this Lucky Clover Keepsake Journal made with an ingenious closing system.

The featured item in this collection is the smaller size BLACKLINE black turks head bracelet which will fit teens and smaller adults. See more designs in black cord and leather in the simple black section of the Etsy shop.

April 10, 2011

birthday party!

 Rope bracelets make great party favors. Here's a collection that was made for an upcoming birthday. The guests will receive either a blue, green or blended color bracelet, the purple one is reserved for the birthday child.

The materials are hand dyed 3 mm cotton cord. The weave pattern is a double diamond made in a smaller size for teenagers. These are adjustable as well so the recipients can make them fit the way they want.

This is a group of medium size bracelets made with both blue and green cords. These can be worked up to fit as well. There are of course two extra loose ends!

If you would like more information about how to get a party package for your next event please visit the children's section in the Zibbet shop to see some possibilities. Many other color and size combinations can be made by request.

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April 7, 2011

cherry strawberry grape cantaloup soft bracelet 1267

 Colorful soft cotton floss is used to wrap this multi-part flexible cord bracelet to create a splash of color. The core is made from braided  cotton cord (clothesline). The loops are formed on a mold and the ends are bound together with high strength nylon thread. The cotton floss is then applied to the loops. The result is this stack of soft bangles connected together.
 The inside circumference is about 8 1/2" (191 mm) making is a medium to large size. There is no clasp or toggle to get in the way. Everything is technically waterproof but long term immersion is not recommended.

A similar design was posted back in November and is available in the fiber wrapped jewelry section of the ArtFire venue.

Find this item now listed in the Etsy shop.

Custom sizes and colors can be requested from the Etsy shop. Click here to go the shop page then click on "request custom item" from the menu on the left margin.

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April 6, 2011

Feeling Greenish collection by firfairy now showing on Etsy

Some days when you wake up you just feel...well... greenish and when that happens you have to go with it as Alyssia has done here. Check into this collection and find 4 makers of friendship bracelets each with a unique style, all with great stuff.
Stephany Moyano from Puerto Rico offers an eclectic warm mix of design ideas as well as custom work in her shop Brillosito.
Further north The NotableKnot based in Milwaukee specializes in micro-macrame and bright friendly colors. Wow what detail!
Veronika from Prague who goes by the shop name sillylittlesheep has a really nice collection of finely knotted patterns made with brilliant color combinations and she offers free shipping to make it easy.
Way out west in Orange County California itsmemary a.k.a. Mary Redaelli uses yarn, floss, and beads to create wonderful bohemian style crochet bracelets with beads. These look like comfortable colorful california creations!

The featured item in this collection is the BASIC turks head knot bracelet green which is adjustable to fit and comes in many other color choices as well.

April 5, 2011

black blue beaded button bracelet 1230

 This began as a simple idea to use only black cord and the leftover glass beads from another project. The button is a thrift shop find. The construction involves positioning the button and the cord loops to form the basic cord pattern. The loose cords are woven together with the beads and four ply nylon thread. The nylon thread is then tensioned to compress the cords and embedded beads  into the form shown here.
The double loop toggle and button make a secure closure. The cobalt beads are wrapped in loops of black cord. Light glows through the rows of beads lantern-style.

Size is 7 3/4" (187 mm) when closed.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

April 3, 2011

A Light Fog treasury collection on Etsy

A Light Fog treasury collection made by TippyToesKnits may be "A bleak view from the harbour today" but is also a really good look at some very nice handmade items. For more visit her blog for sneak peaks of new designs and a little bit of daily life!
The very skillful Turkey Feathers Watercolor Print by amberalexander is a top notch example of Amber's whimsical illustrations. Her landscapes are exceptional as well. My other pick is the Lilliputian House from Someplace Else by Marjji. These little houses could live in a small embankment along a driveway or a fern grotto in your backyard. Each one tells a story, maybe yours?

The featured item in this collection is fog grey herringbone sailor bracelet medium made from hand dyed cotton cord. The herringbone weave is a double over-under pattern that has some additional stretchability due the inherent nature of the weave design. This is a very light color grey suggestive of a cool morning mist. More colors and weave designs can be found in the solid colors collection in the Etsy shop.