August 27, 2013

nylon cuff bracelet aluminum bracelets grommet bracelets

 Extra wide cuff with a set of grommet bracelets.

Cuff 13 x 19 x 2 made with 1/8" nylon

grommets made from various types of cotton cord, stretch over hand and shrink when wet

                   cuff bracelet available here

                   grommet bracelets available here
 Extra wide cuff with three metal bracelets

cuff 13 x 19x 2 made with 1/8" nylon

metal bracelets 3/8" aluminum shape to fit in place
 seams of aluminum bracelets are precision ground and aligned then compressed together for a custom fit

design and photographs © copyright 2013 WhatKnotShop

August 20, 2013

men's wide ankle bracelet blue black beaded design strata series

 Handmade ankle bracelet Design Strata for men. This example is made from mixed fiber blue, green, white and black cords with both blue and black glass beads. Some edge wrapping with blue cotton floss finishes off this casual anklet.

This piece measures about 9 1/4" (235 mm) inside circumference which is comfortable fit.
 Anklet is secured with two loops and small plastic buttons for easy removal. Water tolerant materials can be immersed without harm.

Cords are laid out on a circular mold and edge bound together using four ply waxed nylon thread. Average width is about 2" (51 mm)

 More designs like these are available in the fiber art section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy.

design and photographs © copyright 2013 WhatKnotShop