February 25, 2009

purple and grey 17 part turks head #110

Heather grey and light purple make this a subtle but interesting color combination worked in a 17 x 5 x 3 pattern. Ends are secured to prevent unraveling. Adult "medium" one size fits all.

Expect some shrinkage as the materials are a mix of cotton cover and polyester core.

Want a combination of colors you don't see here? Email your request and custom size (we make these smaller for kids too!) reference item #110 in your order

cool blue beach bracelet turks head knot bracelet 111

All cotton custom dyed teal blue with a darker blue center accent in a 5 x 17 x 3 double diamond pattern. All cotton will shrink slightly when wet. 

Sized to fit a medium adult wrist custom work available in one of the online shops:

February 20, 2009

Black leather 3 x 14 #112

The classic three part design in black leather for durable long term wear. This is a "medium" size for a small adult hand. The leather stretches somewhat from the 7" interior circumference.

Larger and smaller sizes are available with a 2 day lead time - send wrist circumference with order.

The ends are left loose so the bracelet can be tightened up once in place on your wrist.

Order from the Etsy store and reference item #112

Turks head bracelet with glass beads - black #127

This is a smaller bracelet done in 3 mm black polyester with green glass beads. Adult "small" size:

2 1/4" inside diameter or 6/3/4" inside circumference suitable for a child or smaller adult. 

The material is flexible and can stretch a bit over your hand.

The ends have been finished to preclude unravelling. Expect minimal shrinkage when wet.
Order from the Etsy store reference item #127

February 15, 2009

Wordle image of turks head tag words description

This is a genuine turks head knot made in Minneapolis from a single piece of cord and woven in a pattern based on a mathematical progression. The design is self supporting and completely integrated. It uses a minimal amount of material to form a shape that can fit comfortably around your wrist. The interdependent and interconnected character of the turks head knot is a natural expression of the biological, geological, and cosmic elements that intersect and interact to form a self supporting universe. As in nature there are no loose ends but rather a fabric of interconnected parts that may seem weak when separated but reinforce each other to form an elegant and simple pattern of subtle strength and beauty. See a catalog of colors and design plus a collection of fiber art bracelets in one of the online venues:

grey cotton sailor's bracelet #113

All cotton cable cord custom dyed a pearl grey make this a classic design. A simple 5 lead by 17 bight double pass turks head without any beads or bright colors.

Size is 2 1/8" inside diameter by 1" wide. All cotton materials will stretch slightly and shrink when wet.

Ends are stitched to prevent unravelling

item #113

ocean color all cotton sailor's bracelet #114

This is a smaller three strand bracelet done in custom dyed cotton. The two outer strands are teal blue and the center is sea green.

Inside diameter is 2" and it's 1 3/8" wide so this would be an adult "small" size. Bracelet will stretch slightly and will shrink when wet.

Ends are stitched to prevent unravelling.

Visit the Etsy store and ask for a custom item #114

17 part Turks head bracelet - turquoise beads #115

This design uses natural cotton cord and translucent turquoise beads to add a bit of color and sparkle. The size is adult "medium" but expect some shrinkage when wet.

Ends are stitched to prevent unravelling.

Check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite color from one of the three online shops:


Hot pink all cotton sailor's rope bracelet #116

This is an all cotton custom dyed rope bracelet made from 3 mm cotton cord. It's an adult  "small" size approx. 2 1/4" diameter and will shrink slightly when wet.

The ends have been stitched to prevent unravelling.

Color is fuscia pink

item #116