March 30, 2013

double button beaded cuff bracelet 2741

 This is a slightly wider design variation on the single button bracelet made using heavier framing cords and lighter infill cord. The framing cords have a single row of blue and green glass beads stitched in along the seam. Kind of a soft tribal look.

Seven part illustrated tutorial here.

The infill cord is a mix of teal and light grey which forms a pleasing anti-clastic shape with the thicker framing cords.

Size is "medium" 7 1/4" (183 mm) inside circumference when closed.

Here are some other similar designs you might like:
one button rope bracelet with glass beads 2709
one button rope bracelet with wood barrel beads 2667
one button bracelet with paper beads 2666
Two oversized wood buttons and loops make a secure closure that is easy to undo with one hand.

Available here

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March 22, 2013

how to adjust the slip-knot rope bracelet

 This tutorial shows how to adjust the size of the nautical slip-knot rope bracelet.

These bracelets are available here.

Remove bracelet from package. Lay flat as shown.

Separate monkey fist knot from loop.

Grab cord attached to monkey fist knot.

Note: There are two cords that pass through the barrel knot that can be adjusted to equalize the size of the bracelet.

Pull cord through barrel knot.

Expand bracelet, slip on over hand.

Pull on monkey fist knot to tighten up bracelet.

Note: If the fixed loops are unequal size, expand the bracelet and pull on the other running cord to equalize the loop size.

Adjust to a comfortable fit. Replace monkey fist in loop to hold loose ends together.

These bracelets are available here.

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March 21, 2013

custom work 13 part bracelet in black nylon 2714

 I don't see a lot of requests for these wider designs but this was a custom color request for a wide slip on style cuff. The design is similar to these:

big black paracord cuff 1747
Olive drab paracord turks head knot rope bracelet extra large 1540

both of which were also custom requests...
 This design is made with 2 mm nylon synthetic from a stash of material that came from a KMart store (of all places...) This is made by Wellington and marketed as a "sportsman cord" which might work for a tent stay or possibly a fish stringer...

Comes in 50 ft spools so it's just right for these bigger projects that need about 30 ft of line. This design required a 9" (228 mm) slip-on size. Read about how to measure your hand and estimate your size here: Figuring the fit - how to pick a size that's right for you.
I keep a few of these wider cuffs in stock and can make one to a particular size if needed.

You can also see the illustrated tutorial that shows how these are made from a cotton cord.

If you would like a pre-cut length of cotton or synthetic cord to try your hand at this just drop me an email message or leave a comment.

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March 19, 2013

big barrel knot rope bracelet 2476

 This one goes a little crazy with the biggest barrel knots I could make (estimating the cord length is a guessing game). One is 15 the other is 17 wraps which makes a massive knot don't you think?

The 2 x 2 x 2 monkey fist and loop are whipped with brown waxed cotton thread for a secure and handsome finish.

And yes it is possible to slide these big knots around on the line, it just takes a little push.
 The material is a heavy #60 cotton line.

A similar design you might like is here.

Read about how to adjust the size of these bracelets here.
The size is a "large" measuring 8 1/2" (219 mm) when closed (shown in the photos). Expands to about 10" with some effort!

There is a collection this unique design rope bracelet          Available here.

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March 17, 2013

one button rope bracelet with glass beads 2709

 A mix of blue and green seed beads adds some color to the center of this one button rope bracelet. The twisted cotton cable cords adds some diagonal texture.

The framing cords are a braided cotton product from a local big-box home improvement warehouse. The infill cords are leftover ends from the knotted bracelet projects.
The framing cords form a simple stirrup loop that engages a 4 hole plastic button obtained from a thrift shop.

Read the tutorial showing how you can make one of these rope bracelets here.

Here's a link to another design you might like.

Here's a link to a bigger more colorful design.
This is a small size only 6 1/4" (158 mm) inside circumference right for a small adult or teen.

This bracelet is available click here.

More one button designs available here.

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March 15, 2013

chocolate and cherry cotton turks head knot bracelet 2717

Two nice colors together in a traditional plain weave turks head knot bracelet. The brown color is the stock cord from Darice made with polyester and the red is a custom dye bath made with RIT scarlet dye. The white 3 mm cord is immersed for about 2 minutes. More on the dye process here.

I buy the cord from JOANN Fabrics (always use the discount coupons)
This five part design is started with the brown cord built on a mold in a 17 bight double diamond pattern. The red cord is added once the knot is complete.

Here's a glossary of terms for these knots.

Here's how to add the center strand.
This design is a "medium" size about 7 5/8" (193 mm) inside circumference.

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

March 11, 2013

double loop rope bracelet necklace blue 2696

 This design is both a double wrap bracelet and a choker style necklace but not at the same time...

Here's the double wrap bracelet shape measuring about 7 3/4" (197 mm) inside circumference in size. The waxed whipping secures the loose ends and the double loops.

A monkey fist knot rests inside the loops to secure this bracelet without the need for hardware.
 The entire piece is made from a single piece of #24 cotton cord. The color is a darker shade of teal blue.

This view shows the necklace a simple relaxed circle about 16 3/4" (416 mm)

                       Available here

Custom sizes can also be made by special order.

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March 7, 2013

knotted adjustable rope bracelet 2575

 This knotted rope bracelet design uses several old-school marlinspike techniques to produce an adjustable rope bracelet. This design is made from a piece of cotton cord that has been hand dyed in a backyard recipe of black walnut hulls. These are the annoying green and brown shards that squirrels leave behind to stain your driveway or sidewalk with their pungent and powerful dye that leaches out during rainstorms.

Here's one made in white cord.
On one end of the cord is a 2x2x2 monkey fist knot tied without a core. A larger version of this knot is often used to make a weighted heaving line that can be thrown across a gap between ships and then used to haul a heavier piece of line across the gap.

There are a pair of sliding barrel knots on either side of the reverse loops that secure the adjustment with a high friction grip. You can draw the running part thought he knot but it requires a bit of effort so this knot will hold the line in position where you leave it.
The third technique is the brown waxed whipping that secures the loop and the loose end of the monkey fist. The whipping has a concealed loop that buries the live end under the whipping making it appear that there are no loose ends. The extra length has been trimmed off to preserve the illusion. Here's a link, scroll down to "method 2" to see how this one is made.

Find a selection of these traditional rope bracelets here.
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March 5, 2013

back to basics three part knot bracelet rust red 2541

 Sometimes the basic simple designs are the most fun. This is a traditional three part turks head knot bracelet very similar to many of the offerings you can find with a quick web search.

This one is made with a #24 cotton cord much lighter than the #30 which I commonly use.

The color is a nice deep rust red.
 The lighter cord means that more bights must be added to the design to achieve a desired size. This bracelet is made with 23 bights and measures only 7 5/8" (193 mm) circumference. By comparison a #30 cord would build a 7 1/2" size with only 17 bights.

More bights means a bit more built-in stretch so this one can stretch a full 1" and return to size.
Soon to be available in one of the shops...

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March 4, 2013

knotted choker style necklace with glass bead 2684

 This is a really simple and popular design for a choker style necklace. It's made with a pair of sliding barrel knots and a small cylindrical glass bead.

The cord is a 2 mm black leather lacing material that can be easily tied. The leather has a natural friction that holds the knots firmly one they have been worked up to a firm condition. Here's a tutorial explaining how to make this knot.

The knots can be made with as many wraps as you want. This is a smaller 13" necklace so the knots have four wraps. Bigger beads and larger necklaces can have 5 or more and still look proportional. Anything less than three wraps risks the knot coming apart.

Adjustment is made by sliding the knots on the standing part of the cord.

Here's a look at a selection of barrel beads that have the correct internal hole size. The glass beads must have a 2.5 mm or larger hole to accommodate the cord. I use beads from India that come in one pound buckets and must be sorted out. Many of them are the wrong size or have internal cracks that cause them to fall apart.

This necklace was a custom design but you can see similar designs here.

design and photographs © copyright 2013 WhatKnotShop