November 17, 2009

building a 13 part turks head bracelet

Going from this....

#72 cotton cable cord - 30 ft long
round nose pliers
wood fid

bulk cord in white and hand dyed colors available here this
building a 13 part x 19 bight x 2 strand turks head bracelet

                                  get started -->

OK nevermind! Take me to an online shop!!

Classic whites section on Etsy

Extra wide cuffs on Zibbet


DonB! said...

To anyone that might read this, George helped me learn this one and I have my first successful Turk's Head bracelet! This is very fun, and not as hard as it may look.

Anonymous said...

I love these bracelets! Thanks for posting this. Where do you buy your cord and what does #75 stand for?

George said...

The cotton cord comes from hardware stores or can be ordered in bulk online:

DIY kits with illustrated instructions can be ordered here

The #72 refers to the gauge of the cord. The larger the number the thicker the cord.

Kat Bell said...

How big is the tube and where do you recommend finding one?

George said...

Good question Kat, The cardboard tubes shown in the tutorials are cores from large rolls of copy paper. You might try FedEx/Kinko's or other print shops to see if they will donate an empty tube. Cut them using a small hand saw into convenient lengths.

The white plastic cores are sections of PVC pipe that you can find at Home Depot. Lowes, or other home improvement retailers. You can also visit your local hardware store.