May 31, 2016

blue paracord rope bracelet 3964

Thinner 325 paracord is used to create this nicely proportioned 12 part bracelet. The weave is a double diamond design so the knot assumes a handsome symmetrical shape when drawn up on the mold.

The color is a darker shade of royal not quite purple enough to be navy blue.

The paracord has a three strand core and is both soft and waterproof ideal for outdoor wear.
 Custom sizes available from extra small (6 1/4") all the way up to extra large (8 5/8")

Please visit WhatKnotShop to place your request

design and photographs copyright 2016

May 27, 2016

big rope bracelet 3950

Keeping on with the theme of "big"

This simple 11 part bracelet is made with 3/16" twisted cord. You can see how big this comes out in the first photo.

Only 11 parts but 7" (178 mm) circumference

The cord is a special construction known as "canoe lay" meaning it is manufactured with a very tight twist which results in a very stiff material.

 Well defined rope texture and classic 3 part braid.

A full 1.5 oz / 43 g mass

Available by special order visit WhatKnotShop and place a request

design and photographs copyright 2016