July 28, 2008

black nylon diamond pattern

Two views of a 9 strand x 22 bight diamond pattern knot worked up to a completed form. The 3 mm black nylon is doubled. Size is 1 3/4" x 2" inside diameter.

black leather 9 x 21

This is a 9 strand x 21 bight "narrow" diamond pattern knot executed in black sueded leather. The detail is hard to see in the photo but the strands are doubled  with the flat leather running parallel around the knot. 

Size is 1 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" diameter suitable for a medium to large wrist. The material gives a bit when stretched. 

herringbone design with beads

This is a 13 part x 25 bight herringbone doubled with a few colored beads on the loose ends. Size is 1 3/8" wide x 2 1/8" diameter. Material is 1/8" nylon.

July 27, 2008

White paracord herringbone weave bracelet small

A small, tight 17 strand x 33 bight herringbone done in paracord and worked up to a firm finish.

This is an "over two-under two" herringbone weave pattern made with a single pass of cord. The "V" weave pattern is clearly visible.

Size is "small" and this is rather stiff shape that will not shrink however parachute cord is known to absorb water and retain a "set" once knotted firmly.

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soft nylon turks head knot cuff bracelet

This is another "diamond pattern" done with 9 parts, 13 bights, and tripled. It's a nice flexible form than can slip over a medium wrist. Size is approx 2" x 2"

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braided bracelet made out of weed whacker nylon

This is a three stand three part knot done in hard nylon filament. It's really stiff as the nylon monofilament is thick.
Absolutely waterproof and will not shrink

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Sailor's knot turks head bracelet collection #3

The three on the left are three sizes (S, M, L) done in white white cotton.

The brown one is polyester cord, a bit smaller.

The two on the right are nylon done in silver/black and pink/black.

sailor's bracelet collection #2

Here's another collection made with some different colored materials:
Left a 2 strand nylon in black with orange accents; 
2nd from left: small child's bracelet in purple nylon; 
Middle: pretty-in-pink three strand design; 
2nd from right: two pass brown cotton design (this will shrink!)
Right:A two pass red and silver nylon design.

sailor's bracelet collection #1

Here is a sample collection of the familiar three part rope bracelets. These are all done in bright white nylon braid.

You can adjust the fit by working the slack out of the knot to achieve the desired size. These are medium to small sizes about 11 to 14 bights each made with three passes.
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Eight strand grommet braid rope bracelet

This is an eight strand grommet braid made with 1/8" nylon. The squares on the background are 1" so you can get an idea of the size. This would fit a medium size wrist.

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