November 29, 2010

WhatKnotShop shopping guide part two

Design - Two shops have different stock of these unique bracelets. Some have beadwork, some have toggle closures, some are small, some are large. Each one is handmade from cord, beads, & cotton floss, held together with four ply nylon thread. All are special
Shop design on Etsy
Shop design on Zibbet
Fiber wrapped jewelry - An offshoot of the knot business that came about from a creative use of the leftover pieces of cord that are created when a knot bracelet is made. These are "up cycled" slip on bracelets and choker style necklaces made by wrapping deconstructed string and floss around core materials.
Shop for wrapped fiber jewelry on ArtFire
Shop for wrapped fiber jewelry on Zibbbet
Beaded rope bracelets - Another offshoot of the knot tying work that has recently expanded into other experimental forms. Some bracelets incorporate beads in traditional turks head knot designs like the example shown on the left while other pieces are more about the beads.
Beaded knot bracelets on ArtFire
Beaded knot bracelets on Zibbet
Extra wide cuffs - These are the most dramatic wide slip on cuff bracelets available. Each one is a carefully made knot requiring many hours of work to lay out and then work up to the finished shape. This example is ready to slip on your wrist and tighten up to a comfortable custom fit.
See extra wide cuffs on ArtFire
See extra wide cuffs on Zibbet

November 28, 2010

WhatKnotShop shopping guide part one

Classic whites - This section has the classics including the well known three part bracelet plus a wide variety of other unusual weave designs. All are made with white  cord available in both 100% cotton and synthetics. 
Shop for classic white rope bracelets on Etsy   <-ankle bracelets here too!
Shop for classic white rope bracelets on Zibbet <--unique designs here
 Basic black - Self explanatory. If you don't find the size or design you want, check the other two shops.

Shop basic black on Etsy
Shop basic black on Zibbet  <--beaded black turks head here
Solid colors - This section contains bracelets that are all made from a single color cord. Weave designs vary from the plain weave (over-under) to the herringbone weave (over two - under two). Both narrow and wide turks heads can be found here.

Shop solid color bracelets on Artfire   <--lots of herringbone weave bracelets here
Shop solid color rope bracelets on Etsy
Shop solid color bracelets on Zibbet
Mixed colors - Here's where the fun combinations live. Find cool combinations of blue & white, grey & white, and brighter oranges, yellow, reds and greens combined with contrasting whites, grays sometimes other surprising combos. The biggest collection is on the Zibbet site so if you want something special check this out.

Shop for blended color turks heads on ArtFire
Shop for blended color turks heads on Etsy 
Shop for blended color turks heads on Zibbet

November 27, 2010

Blue skies collection on ArtFire

November 26, 2010

Feedback from Etsy buyers

dblespresso20 says:
thanks! fits perfectly and I love it!

VERY fast shipping and much nicer than I expected. Excellent craftsmanship!

zakkanouveau says:
thank you so much! just received it in the mail today + it's cuter in person~ perfect sizing! wonderful etsy seller who created a custom size for my wrist. my first purchase on etsy ever + so glad it was through whatknotshop for this bracelet!

debs102 says:
great product, fantastic seller, great info, well packed and arrived quickly from the US to the UK - thank you! Debs

scoutkath says:
Love it - fits nicely on my small wrist

raylahrouge says:
Love this bracelet, i wear it everyday! Would definitely buy from here again. Thanks!

blueberrysherbert says:
seller was very responsive and accomodating, the bracelet arrived quickly, and i love it! thanks!!

SunKissedKell says:
Always a good expeirence shopping here, I love all your bracelets! This one is great as well, thank you!

November 25, 2010

blue green beaded rope bracelet with toggle 941

Three rows of turquoise blue glass beads arranged in white nylon cord. The beads alternate between clear green and blue glass and frosted green and blue. Stitching is four ply nylon thread. This is a larger size measuring 8 5/8" (219 mm) inside circumference when closed.

Waterproof and durable for everyday wear
The clasp is an overlapping toggles two of them with cream colored beads. Here you can see the loops and the two beads.

This item is available in the Zibbet shop  click here.

You may also be interested in a similar design made in a slip-on (no clasp) style  click here.

If you are looking for something with more texture and color take a look at this   click here  or this  click here
design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

November 24, 2010

white paracord herringbone weave turks head knot bracelet 1006

This wide cuff design is made with white nylon parachute cord. This material is slightly larger than 1/8" diameter with a fine woven cover over a soft core which make the cord naturally soft to the touch. Unlike hard braided cord this material can take a "set" once it has been knotted. The work up process must be done in a single session so as not to distort the cord resulting in an uneven tension and subsequent uneven shape of the knot.

Here's a large black paracord anklet/bracelet design you might also find interesting
This side view shows the 17 part weave design clearly. The soft cord has formed a flat surface on the knot instead of creating ribs where the overlaps occur.
This is a "medium" size measuring 8" (203 mm)
See this and a number of other wide cuff designs in the Classic Whites section of the Etsy Shop
or the classic whites section on WhatKnotShop Zibbet

You may also be interested in this design which is similar but a smaller size  click here
design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 18, 2010

large rope bracelets

This design is made with large size cotton clothesline cord which makes for a gigantic size bracelet. In this example the material is worked in a 4 part by 5 bight design. This oversize look is available from Tanya Aguiniga with hand dyed color accents.

Those of you that would like one or more of these for your own craft projects (dip dying or other work) please request a custom order via this link  custom order

Even though this looks huge the material is lightweight and quite soft. This cord comes with a synthetic core that can be left in place or removed by cutting the cord and drawing the core out with a small pair of pliers.

This material is an off-white more natural looking cotton made in a braided pattern around the core.

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

November 13, 2010

How to make turks head knots - some interesting sites

First off the Wikipedia definition for those of you new to the hobby.

There are a number of excellent online tutorials available that show how to tie turks head knots.
Here are a few of my favorites:

The Golden Knots site "Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry: Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal" There are some good illustrated "how-to" instructions in cotton cord as well.
 5 lead x 4 bight     click here
 7 lead x 8 bight     click here
both illustrated with still photos by Loren Damewood

Jan Brett's Sailor Bracelet site is a nice simple single page illustration of how to make a classic three part rope bracelet. This would be a great project for kids on a rainy afternoon.

Alan Folsom's knotting page is another great source for instructions on tying turks heads. How to Tie a Turkshead will get you started.

Animated Knots by Grog has a great animated sequence showing how to tie the basic three part turks head also know as a "woggle" by the boy Scouts.

Stormdrane's Blog has a video that will get you started on a bigger project.

One of the many video tutorials showing how to tie a simpler 5 x 4 knot

Disclaimer: Now this short listing is not complete. I'm sure there are a number of other sites with instructions and illustrations not to mention the large number of crafters and old salts who make and sell a wide variety of things nautical. Please feel free to leave messages with additional references or comments.

November 12, 2010

wrapped multi-part cuff bracelet 989

 Brightly colored cotton floss wrapped around a multi-part cotton core creates a slip-on bracelet with vibrant color and casual style. This is an adult size "large" measuring 8 1/4" (208 mm) inside circumference and is naturally flexible to fit over all but the biggest hands.

Colors are: red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, gold, mauve, and magenta.
This is available for sale   click here
This design is part of the fiber wrapped jewelry collection available here on   Etsy
or here on  ArtFire
or you can check out  Zibbet  (different items on each site!)

You may also be interested in these designs:
fiber wrapped slip on bracelets 
new fiber wrapped bracelets
choker and bangle set
fiber wrapped necklace with beads  

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

November 10, 2010

white herringbone rope bracelet 948

One of the advantages to the double overlap herringbone weave is that the bracelets have a lot more inherent stretch than the simple plain weave pattern. For example this design made in 1/8" cotton cord is able to stretch from a relaxed 7 1/2" circumference to about 8 1/4". This stretch-ability makes it easier to get a nice snug fit without having to work up an adjustable bracelet and has the added advantage of being removable.

The material is a 100% cotton braided cord made by T. W. Evans cordage in Cranston, RI.
If you like this design you may also be interested in these herringbone weave designs:
 Narrow design in white synthetic  click here

 Navy blue in hand dyed cotton  click here

 or this colorful set that I use for my shop avatar  click here 

of course there are a number of other herringbone weave designs and colors:
 Herringbone designs on  Zibbet
 Herringbone designs on  ArtFire
 Herringbone designs on  Etsy

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

November 7, 2010

pair of fiber bracelets in team colors 963 964

 A custom made pair of cotton fiber bracelets in NFL team colors. Have a favorite team? Ask for a custom made bracelet in your team colors.   Click here  to be taken to the Alchemy request page where you can ask for your special design to be specially made for you.

Washington Redskins colors burgundy, gold and white 
Pittsburgh Steelers colors black, gold, and white

Both are made from cotton fiber cores wrapped with hand dyed cotton and cotton floss.

If you like these you may interested in similar items like these   click here    or check this collection    click here   all these are similar construction with different colors.

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

November 6, 2010

more Collections on ArtFire and Etsy updated

Those of you who visit handmade craft venues ArtFire and Etsy may be aware that members of these groups create collections of items in the online shops. Often these are themed groupings of similar types of products, some are color based collections, while others are seemingly random whimsical assemblies of cool stuff. Here is a list of recent collections that have featured work in my ArtFire and Etsy shops.

Please feel free to comment on these collections and be sure to click through to the shops that may interest you to see more work.

Indie Junction in Purple and Mint curated by ZurDesigns on Etsy

light and pretty gifts for her by secretafe on  Etsy

Blue skies Curated by jewelsforhope on ArtFire

Your Kid's Teacher Called... He doesn't want another 'A+ Teacher Mug' a collection to help save male teachers from banal gifts by BuyMyBalls on  Etsy

Your Kid's Teacher Called... She doesn't want another school mascot sweater! a collection to help save female teachers from banal gifts by BuyMyBalls on  Etsy

The Blue Room a collection of IndieJunction artists by ZurDesigns on  Etsy

Tyed in Knots curated by knot master Matt at mysticknotwork on ArtFire
Handwoven Pleasures! curated by Pandulaartscreations on ArtFire
Snow White curated by MiamiMadeIt on Etsy
Grey Paradise curated by Khalliahdesign on ArtFire
Beautiful Autumn!! curated by Jannadu on ArtFire
Great Finds curated by JudysDesigns on ArtFire

HGTV Gift Guide in Shades of Blue/Green  curated by ZurDesigns an upstanding honcho of the IndieJunction team on Etsy

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