April 29, 2009

wide turks head knot bracelet #154

All cotton Turks Head knot bracelet custom made for a special order. This is a 13P x 19B x 2S design made with #72 cotton cord.

The dimensions are 2 5/8" inside diameter by 2 1/2" wide

The finished piece required about 26 ft of line after starting with a 50 ft piece and working out the slack.

Side view showing the weave pattern.

This design will shrink when wet due to all cotton materials. This bracelet has ben worked up to a finished symmetrical shape and the loose ends have been stitched and trimmed.

April 19, 2009

White cotton sailor bracelet #134

All cotton classic design for summer. This is a double weave herringbone design sometimes called a "gaucho". 
5 leads x 29 bights x 2 strands

Size is adult "medium"
2 3/8" (60 mm) inside diameter
7 3/8" (185 mm) inside circumference

All cotton cable cord will shrink when wet.

Check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite color from one of these online shops:
WhatKnotShop on Etsy

April 17, 2009

Turks head bracelet in grey and green #133

All cotton 17 x 5 x 3 design done in a muted grey and loden green.

Size is adult "medium"
2 3/8" (60 mm) inside diameter
7 3/8" (185 mm) inside circumference
1" wide

Ends are stitched to prevent raveling.

Visit the Etsy store to place an order, click on "Request custom item" and refer to item #133 

For a better view of the subtle colors click on the image to zoom in. The center strand is the green color, the two outer strands are the grey.

April 15, 2009

17 part Turks head all cotton custom colors #100

Pearl grey and a subtle shade of eggplant go together quite nicely. It's always a surprise when the material comes out of the dyebath to see the various shades of color. After rinsing out the excess dye the color sometimes fades which makes interesting combinations possible.

The base material is Darcie 3 mm cotton cord which has a braided cover visible in the photo. The smooth finish brings out the pattern of the knot and the color lending a more contemporary appearance to the finished piece.

item 100

April 10, 2009

wrapped irregular fiber bangle - red and grey #101

What to do with all the leftover materials from making turks heads? There are always lengths of cord in different colors that are cut off after working the knots up to a finished shape.

The core of these are nylon cord worked into a grommet and then secured or wrapped with cotton cord left over from the other projects. The cord is unwound or unwrapped to make it workable and show the variegated color patterns created by the dye penetrating the cord during the dying process.

See the collections on the Etsy site. Individual pieces may be ordered or you can get an entire set of three. Lots of different color combinations as I'm using whatever is available in the workshop.

item 101

Turks head sailor bracelet in natural and blue #102

Here's another mix of the "natural" cotton and a center strand of cord dyed blue. The cable cord gives the piece a classic look of "rope" as the twisted construction of the cord recalls the lay of traditionally made manilla rope.

The mix of color makes this a fun variation on the single color designs. All cotton materials are worked up to an even shape and ends are stitched and trimmed.

Check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite color from one of the three online shops:


April 3, 2009

turks head sailor bracelet in natural and yellow #103

A summer color combination of natural cotton and sunshine yellow worked in a 5P x 17B x 3L "diamond" pattern.

Adult "medium" 2 3/8" (60 mm) diameter or about 7 1/8" (189 mm) internal circumference and 1 1/8" (30 mm) wide

Ends stitched to prevent raveling. Expect slight shrinkage when wet.

Get yours by visiting the Etsy site and requesting a custom item through the "conversations" utility.

item #103

turks head sailor bracelet in grey and eggplant #104

Custom hand dyed cotton cable cord in pearl grey and eggplant worked in a classic turks head design of 5P x 17B x 3L.

The cotton will shrink slightly when wet. Ends are stitched to prevent raveling.

Size is adult "medium" 2 3/8" (60 mm) diameter or 7 1/2" (190 mm) inside circumference.

$8.00 + $2.50 shipping

Order by email to

too late! someone already claimed this one...Want one of your own? Email or go to the Etsy store (link on left) and request a design all your own.
item #104

Classic cotton turks head sailor bracelet #105

Natural cotton color in a 9P x 22B x 2L design this is a summer must-have accessory.

Size is adult "medium" 2 5/8" (66 mm) diameter or about 8 1/4" (206 mm) internal circumference by 1 1/2" (37 mm) wide

Cotton will shrink slightly when wet

Order by visiting the Etsy site (on your left screen margin) and asking for a custom item.
item #105

fiber wrapped bangle - grey red green and gold #106

An eclectic mix of color and texture make this soft fiber bangle a nice addition to a casual outfit. Colors are red, grey, bright red, grey-blue, green, yellow and gold.

Size is 2 3/4" dia (70 mm) or about 8 3/4" (250 mm) internal circumference.

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item #106