July 25, 2009

classic 3 part cotton turks head sailor bracelet

Here's a variation on the common three part design bracelet. In this child-size version the white cotton cord is separated by a strand of the teal blue.

Blue and white are a popular color combination.

This is a 14 bight design that was made to fill a special order. The strands are secured with nylon thread to prevent the whole thing from falling apart. Being cotton there will be some shrinkage.

Similar designs may be special ordered from the Etsy shop for larger or smaller hands. Other colors can also be ordered, check the previous blog posting for colors that are currently available.

simple classic designs

In an effort to come up with a simple "trademark" product I have been working on standardizing the design of a simple bracelet that is different from the commonly available products but that is easy to produce in both size and color.

The top photo is the prototype made in a white 3 mm cotton cord drawn up to finished shape. It's a herringbone weave of five parts that is doubled to form nice slip on style rope bracelet.

On the left are some of the basic colors:
A grey-green hand-dyed color
Another white one
A brown polyester blend
Another white one
And a black polyester blend

These four are more colorful, all in cotton hand-dyed colors:
Teal blue

All are 29 bight x 5 part x 2 strand THBs which are adult "medium" sizes. This style can also be made in a series of standard sizes from "extra small" to "extra large".