August 30, 2012

casual knotted rope bracelet adjustable white cord 2291

Summer is all about casual and this new design is about as casual as a warm afternoon at the beach.
I was asked by a buyer across the pond if I could make something special based on a photo of a design he was trying to buy but that was unavailable.

What you see here is a variation on that design with the extra loop added to secure the length of cord that appears when the bracelet is adjusted to it's natural smaller size.

Here's one made in walnut taupe color cord.

The cord material is a heavy gauge twisted cotton that has been hand knotted into this adjustable rope bracelet. Pulling on the monkey fist button knot makes the bracelet smaller. The monkey fist button then tucks into the loop so there are no loose ends flapping around.

Read about the simple technique to adjust the size of this bracelet.

Waxed whippings secure the cut ends to prevent fraying.
The size shown here is an adult "medium" but of course this design is very easy to make in a variety of custom sizes and cord materials.

Find this design here in my Etsy shop.

Interested in other variations including cord color, extra whipping details, or need a larger size? Please leave a comment or send me a message.

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