July 31, 2011

white paracord triple weave herringbone cuff bracelet 1458

Here is another in the series of triple weave herringbone or "gaucho" weaves this one made from white parachute cord. Sydney wood provides an in-depth tutorial on his web site for the Gaucho Weave Pattern.  Bud Brewer has a simpler photo essay showing how to tie a small gaucho knot.

The weave design is 3-3-3-3-3-3 forming an 18 x 19 x 1 design made on a 10 1/2" mold. The paracord is very soft and has a lot of inherent stretch so this bracelet which measures about 8 7/8" (225 mm) off he mold can stretch out to be larger.

The resulting pattern has the familiar three "V" fishbone look.
This example was made to demonstrate the pattern and test for required cord length.

This bracelet is available in my Zibbet Shop in the Classic Whites section. If you have any questions please click here to message me.
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July 30, 2011

white and green triple herringbone knot bracelet 1476

 This is a loosely tied triple herringbone or "gaucho" weave turks head knot bracelet. The strands have been doubled with a green nylon cord to highlight the weave pattern.

The pattern is 12 x 13 x 2 with three under and three over or 3-3-3-3. Size is about 8" (201 mm) but this knot can be worked down to a much smaller circumference.
The two "V" patterns can be seen in this view.

This weave design can be expanded both in width by adding parts and in diameter by increasing he number of bights. The triple overlap creates a nice thick fabric.

This unique bracelet is available here along with other blended color designs in the Etsy Shop.

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July 29, 2011

I'm in a New York State of Mind collection now on Etsy

Billy Joel said it in the song and Alycia D'Avino says it in this treasury collection New York State of Mind. Check out Yummi Shop for a colorful collection of Felt Balls Handbags Purses Rugs Rugs Rugs Wool Felt.

Then click on Hotel New Yorker Black and White Print 8x12 by Heather Riggs. Her shyphotog Etsy store has a wide variety of images from abstract to realistic all informed by her strong sense of design.

With all the bull coming out of Washington it might be easy to overlook the real symbol of Wall Street. Bull, Manhattan by paul reminds us that crazy optimism is all that is required to build a financial empire. Check out his shop gargala to see more scenes through his lens.

The featured item in this white small turks head knot sailor rope bracelet made from 100% cotton cord. See more of these in the classic whites section of my Etsy shop.

triple weave herringbone cuff bracelet 1470

This is a closeup view of a 24 bight x 25 part triple weave turks head knot. This one has been left loose and placed on a contrasting background so you can see the over three - under three weave pattern. 
The material is a 1/8" (3 mm) braided polyester cord. This example requires about 30 ft to lay out although the actual knot needs only about 22 ft when it is worked up to this shape. 
Can you see the four "V" patterns?

This bracelet is available in my Zibbet Shop. Click here to message me with your questions or to place a custom order.

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July 28, 2011

Peace like a river collection now flowing on Etsy

This peaceful collection on Etsy was made by Bekah Mae. Now when I visited the shop there were no items for sale there but maybe this is a temporary situation. She does have an extensive treasury list click here.

I like like A Foggy Toutle River Sunrise Panorama made by Suzanne Joyce. Her shop of the same name is filled with crisp photographs of nature scenes and landscapes.

This Pale Blue Ruffle Design Two Layer 3/4 Length Cotton Dress made by MayaModa (my fashion) from Bangkok. This mother daughter and aunt team has a bright colorful collection of dresses, skirts, and blouses in their shop.

The featured item in this collection is the white & pale blue medium turks head knot rope bracelet one of the many blended colors available in the Etsy shop. Many color combinations are available in a variety of sizes by special order.

July 27, 2011

triple weave herringbone cuff bracelet 1456

 This is an extra wide weave triple herringbone weave turks head knot. The leads pass over three then under three creating four distinct "V" patterns as you can see in the photograph. There are 25 parts and 24 bights making this a "square" pattern. The double layer of strands makes this about 1/4" thick at he edges and uses about 25 ft of 1/8" nylon cord.

These designs are available by special order through the Etsy, ArtFire or Zibbet online venues or email me directly at
This example is a relaxed 8 7/8" (225 mm) inside circumference. This weave design can easily be worked up to a smaller diameter as the nylon is quite smooth and there is only a single strand to chase through the knot.

The knot can also crush down to a smaller diameter without removing any slack.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnot Shop

July 26, 2011

So Tan collection now catching some rays on Etsy

Kinda 60's retro this collection by nonlethalforce has a nice mix of nautical themed items and woven objects as well. See more of Susanne's patterns and finds from "back in the day" including some Black Velvet Burnout Zebra Print Pumps (hope you are a size 7)

In keeping with my knotical proclivities one of my favorites is this Ocean Plait Rope Doormat made by KnoticallyInclined from Erie PA.

Another woven find is this Vintage 1970s Natural Rattan Rectangle Wallet with White Stripe offered by D Hanson along with more vintage goodies in her shop   concetta's closet. If you are in New England stop by her B+M shop in Newmarket, NH.

The featured item in this So Tan collection is tan leather small turks head knot herringbone bracelet a perfect accessory for a rattan summer. Find this and other herringbone designs in the solid colors section of my Etsy shop.

July 24, 2011

small black para cord turks head knot bracelet 1445

Parachute cord or paracord as it is a popular material for survival bracelets. It also works well for turks head knot bracelets since it is an inherently elastic material and very easy to work with. The smooth braided cover slide easily through the knot during construction and enables the bracelet to flex when slipping it on.

This is an example of a very small size THB made with a left over piece of black paracord. The inside circumference is 5 1/2"(138 mm) but it will stretch out to about 6 1/4" (165 mm) allowing the wearer to slip it over the hand then relax back to it's natural size.
If you have questions about sizing click on this link to go to the article:
Figuring the fit-how to pick a size thats right for you

Larger sizes of paracord turks head knot bracelets are available by special order. You can visit these sites to find your color: paracord page lots of swords and edge weapons here
Camping paracord page camo colors
or for a less military site try's paracord page

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July 23, 2011

Nautical Retreat Collection on Etsy

Summer is the time to visit the shore but if you can't get away check out this Nautical Retreat collection put together by Lindsey from Baltimore. Her shop name is Lnizzb offering personal wear pieces in  mix of metal finishes.

blueroompottery from my hometown of Minneapolis makes these Sandy Textured Sea Urchins that look just like the real thing. Check out Marietta's other great work including the Blue Velvet Purple Pomegranate and the Sage Twist Bowl.

I also like the Lobster Original watercolor painting made by Elena from Barcelona. Visit her shop  fairysomnia to see more skillful water colors of animals and other sea creatures. Her abstract cityscapes and old City scenes are especially appealing.

The featured item in this collection is black BASIC turks head knot bracelet one of many colors available in this do-it-yourself style. The BASIC series of bracelets come in a loose but complete form allowing the wearer to adjust the fit to a comfortable size. See more of these in the BASIC bracelet section of the Etsy Shop.

July 22, 2011

green fiber bangle bracelet with beads 1448

Soft cotton fiber slip on bracelet made with hand dyed cotton cord and glass beads. This design features small beads worked into the plies of the cord at random locations.
Colors are primarily green with some blue and a yellow accent. Beads are green glass.
These unique soft bangles are made by laying up a few lengths of cord on a PVC mold and edge stitching the cords with four ply nylon thread.

The thread is placed across the cords and left in a relaxed condition until the entire perimeter is covered. Then the loops are pulled tight compressing the cords and clamping the beads in place. The ends of the thread are knotted then buried in the weave. Excess thread is trimmed off.
These bracelets are stiff but flexible and lightweight. This design is about 8 1/4" (210 mm) inside circumference. See this and others like it in the design section of the Etsy shop. A larger more diverse collection is available in the design section of the Zibbet shop.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

July 21, 2011

Twilight is my favorite time on Etsy

Here's a small but fun collection Twilight is my favorite time made by Christina Furst. Check out her other recent collection Soft Relaxation for more casual items in blue and grey.

I like Sammie The Sock Monster Knitting Pattern available from dangercrafts in Bellingham. This is the pattern only so you will need to find some materials elsewhere. See more of Rebecca's knit menagerie and read her blog.
I also was drawn to dreamscape: autumn fire sundown a painting made by Jeanne Hospod who has an impressive collection of self portraits and imaginary landscapes in her Etsy shop as well as her blog.

The featured item in this collection is the black BASIC turks head knot bracelet one the do-it-yourself style rope bracelets in the BASIC series. This one is a small size just right for teenagers. You can request a custom color or order multiples for gift giving just by making a request in my Etsy shop.

July 20, 2011

disc bangle bracelet 1451

This design is a variation on two traditional craft techniques: Wrapping a fiber core with floss to create a colorful pattern and basket making. The piece starts out with a spiral coil of soft braided cotton cord which is secured by use of nylon thread. This forms a flat circular base which is similar to traditional basket construction. The resulting disc is then wrapped with cotton floss one part at a time to build the colored pattern. 
In this example the center of the bracelet is left in the natural cotton color. 
The design also recalls the flat beaded necklaces made by the Masai people of Kenya although is is not an attempt to duplicate their work. Read more about Masai Village Experience and the masai tribe and see a couple of photos of their beadwork.
design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

July 12, 2011

clothesline bangle with beads n' floss 1450

 This chunky bangle style bracelet is made with un-dyed clothesline and other cotton and synthetic cords. The cords have been loosely bound together on a tapered mold to form the layered shape of the bangle. The beads are then worked in between the cords and bound in place with four ply nylon thread. As the nylon thread is used to secure the beads the cord stiffens up to hold it's shape.

Cotton floss is used to wrap some of the exposed cords adding funky color.
The result is ...? Well it's different and not subtle. It weighs about 1 1/2 oz and is a little over 8" inside circumference. Reminds me of the heavier bangles made in white metal from the Indian subcontinent. The cotton clothesline is a more friendly feel than metal and somewhat easier to work with.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

July 4, 2011

purple and black interweave rope bracelet

Here is an interweave of purple and black combining a 22 x 9 x 1 diamond weave knot with a continuous  parallel interweave of 3 mm hand dyed purple cord. The turks head forms the diagonal pattern and the interweave forms the vertical offset pattern. 

The ends are pulled through the overlap and concealed. There are just two pieces of cord used in this design.
This design is available now in the design section of the Etsy Shop
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July 1, 2011

A Muted Cape Cod Weekend now showing on Etsy

EcoChicHandKnits created this collection A Muted Cape Cod Weekend in anticipation of a visit to Cape Cod. I'd much rather visit Barbara's shop where she offers 100% organic cotton yarn bowls , scrubbies and coasters. If you do go to the cape wait until September when all the tourists are gone.

Meanwhile check out this Tulum Garden deck chair made by Gwyneth and Tamra with their exclusive fabric designs in the old school English style. See more of their work in their shop gallantandjones.

Dog owners will want a Nautical Dog Leash - The Fair Lead "Classic" made by Jessica. She has more in her shop TheFairLead.

The featured item in this collection is the white BASIC turks head knot bracelet which is adjustable so you can slip it over your hand and work it up to a comfortable fit. See more in the BASIC section of my Etsy shop.