April 19, 2017

clamshell cuff concept

Monolithic shape precision assembly satin texture surfaces all weather material assemble in place

stainless threaded edge fasteners tool required
elemental geometries anatomical shape


design and photographs copyright 2017

April 3, 2017

ecru and red string weave cuff bracelet 4131

 All cotton core with an alternating one-two single string weave creates this unique cuff. The alternating weave eliminates the ribbed texture in favor of a more finely textured weave.

7" (178 mm) circumference

Red cotton floss accent defines the width transition.

 The warp cords were reversed at the loop end to increase the width (to the right of the red accent.)

How this is made is a secret.
A single poly clay button secures the double loops.

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design and photographs copyright 2017