August 30, 2015

paper bead cuff 3687

A colorful matrix of handmade paper beads and small faceted plastic beads together in a framework of hand-twistd cotton rope.

The paper beads are slightly bulkier so they form a pair of subtle ridges. The plastic beads have flat triangular faces which creates sparkle reflections.

Three plastic buttons and integral loops are an easy and secure closure.

This bracelet was made on a cylindrical mold so the shape is naturally curved from the center to the thinner edges.

Waxed nylon thread binds everything together.

8" (203 mm) circumference

Very lightweight compared to similar bracelets made with glass beads .7 oz / 22g
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design and photographs © copyright 2015

August 28, 2015

double pair rope bracelets with whipping detail parting pair gift bracelets 3683

A tightly laid segment of handmade cotton rope was used to build this four part or double-double looped rope bracelet. The small segment of rope connects the two double loop bracelets together forming a stack of four strands.

The coach whipping binds the double loop combinations together.
In this photo the connecting segment is clearly visible.

This design might be the parting-pair gift of summer. The segment is cut forming two separate bracelets that go with two people who must be apart after spending a summer together. A symbolic reminder.

This example is 8" (203 mm) but can be made almost any desired size and from a almost any material.

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August 26, 2015

loop hinge knotted rope bracelet 3681

 This little rope bracelet is an experiment with something I call the "loop-hinge" knot.

Two outer loops hold the single pass of cord forming a flexible hinge. The loose ends are trapped in a binding with waxed nylon thread.

Non-adjustable size. Flexible hands required to slip on over the wide part of the hand.
Four circumferences of hand dyed green cord make a multi-wrap stacking statement.

7 3/4" (197 mm) circumference

If this were executed in a stiffer material the hinge would relieve the natural tension forming a curved shape with a point.
Available by special order only.

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August 24, 2015

handmade all glass beaded cuff bracelet with buttons 3680

The third in the series of beaded cuffs this one made entirely from glass beads and handmade rope. The three toggle buttons are a dark maroon polymer clay.

The button and loop system follows the progression of the zig-zag rope layout with one of the buttons located on the opposite side as the other two.

The extra cord is braided and stitched to the edge.
 The all glass bead composition adds some mass to this at 3.1 oz/ 90 g so it feels substantial.

Size is 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference
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design and photographs © copyright 2015

August 22, 2015

three button beaded cuff 3679

This three button cuff is a larger version of the small child's beaded bracelet in the previous post. This one is made larger and with three buttons and loops to allow for easy application and removal.

The design similar to the smaller bracelet with a mix of glass and paper beads strung between rows of handmade cotton rope.
The difference is that the rope is laid out to form the loops instead of a continuous spiral pattern.
Size is 7" (178 mm) internal circumference
2 3/4" (70 mm) wide
Some other designs using handmade paper beads:

One button bracelet with paper beads
Black leather bracelet with paper beads
Rope bracelet with paper beads
One button cuff with paper beads 

Available here

design and photographs © copyright 2015

August 20, 2015

child's beaded bracelet 3678

A small but highly detailed bracelet made from handmade rope , handmade paper beads, and glass beads. Recalls folk-art fashion made up materials appropriated from the recycle bin. The paper beads are made out of glossy magazine paper  and glue, the handmade rope is made from lightweight cotton twine.

There is no clasp or buttons this is a bangle style slip on design made with a spiral pattern layout.
 The three-ply rope is laid up around a mold and the beads are placed in the gap between the cords. High strength nylon thread is passed through the cord and beads securing the beads in position.

The cord ends are bound to the perimeter
A combination of handmade paper beads and small glass beads are used which creates a textured and colorful pattern.

Made for very small hands...
6" (153 mm) circumference
2" (51 mm) wide

1.1 oz / 32g

75 beads
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design and photographs © copyright 2015

August 17, 2015

eroded PVC bangle 3672

Starting with the solid PVC material enables the erosion of the basic form by degrees to get at shapes that are hidden inside. Unlike the lightweight pvc that has the low density core this solid material has the same density throughout. The resulting forms have a continuous shape without edges or contour lines.

This example has an eroded edge working against the circular form to create a slightly asymmetrical shape.
 The circular side has a flared interior transition to the edge.

Here the tension between the erosion and the circular can be seen clearly.

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design and photographs © copyright 2015

August 16, 2015

sculpted and stained PVC spiral bangle 3670

Deconstructing modern materials to achieve a rough elemental appearance involves removing material, staining the remaining piece, and heat forming it to a final shape. This is a piece of foam core PVC pipe that has been treated to see what kinds of non geometric forms are possible.

The foam core is exposed by the removal of the outer shell and takes the stain differently than the more impervious surface.
 Heating the material in the stain bath allows the piece to be formed on a mold in a single overlapping spiral form.

7 1/2" (191 mm)

The stain is a mix of water based dyes in which the PVC was cooked for several hours.
Available here ArtiFactSite

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August 14, 2015

deep teal nylon cord knotted rope bracelet 3642

Most of the hand dyed cord I use is cotton but every now and then it's fun to see how well color takes to the synthetics. Some dyes are well suited like this darker teal which saturates the nylon braid quite nicely. The natural shiny finish on the nylon fibers add to the effect.

This is a 12x5x3 double diamond plain weave bracelet made with 1/8" (3 mm) cord. The dye is a  water-based RIT applied in a stovetop boil to a hank of the nylon.
 7" (178 mm) circumference

A blue-green synthetic same design

More smaller bracelets in the same weave design
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August 12, 2015

pink paracord rope bracelet herringbone weave 3654

A special request for a matched pair of bracelets in this color means there is more material available for creative work…

This is a traditional herringbone weave with 29 parts and a double pass of cord which makes a nice medium size rope bracelet.

The cord is a factory-made color so it's a nice bright even texture.

No clips or buckles, this is a continuous running knot made with a single piece of line.

about 7" (178 mm) with a bit of natural stretch

...a perfect summer beach accessory or gift for that special person
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These and other unique bracelets can be found online WhatKnotShop on ETSY

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August 10, 2015

grey mix color rope grommets cotton bracelets 3641

This collection features grey cords with a variety of added colors and coach whipping details. Made from shorter segments of cord from my cut-off box the reverse-twisting of the cords is terminated with the coach-whippings. Some have two others three or four of these which serve to bind the loose ends and keep everything together.

 Grey and a light green with white whippings

All about 6 1/2" (174 mm) circumference

Green and purple grommet collection 

Mixed color grommet collections

Darker shades grommet collection 
grey and a dark taupe with black whippings

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August 8, 2015

knotted multi wrap bracelet necklace 3647

More material from the rope machine…this time the design is a long loop with an eye-splice on one end and a sliding barrel knot on the other. This allows adjustment of the length of the loop to form a multi wrap bracelet or a medium length necklace. The end of the rope is not cut, it's a naturally terminated twist that can't fray or come undone.

Splice on the left, adjustable barrel knot on the right.
 loose fitting multi-wrap bracelet about 8 5/8" (2189 mm) x 3 (can be made smaller with a tighter loop)

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August 6, 2015

handmade rope double loop bracelet 3646

 This double loop bracelet is made from a piece of handmade rope composed of three twisted pairs of yarn. The rope was part of a demonstration showing how the rope machine works with these hand dyed grey yarns. The cord diameter is 4mm so this has a nice proportional shape.

The coach whipping is tan waxed thread.
 8" (203 mm) circumference

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These and other unique bracelets can be found online WhatKnotShop on ETSY

design and photographs © copyright 2015