June 1, 2013

one button rope bracelet with paper beads 2765

 The irregular color and texture of handmade paper beads is a nice pairing with the textured fabric created by compressing the hand dyed cotton cords in this small bracelet. These are smaller 6-8 mm mostly round (remember I did say irregular?) made from glossy catalog pages and coated with a waterproof sealant.

If you have never seen paper beads before read more about how to make them here. Many of you already know about the possibilities which are vast!
 The button is a 1/2" (7 mm) brown plastic. The framing cords are a 9/16" cotton braid. Infill cords are hand dyed cotton in shades of slate blue, copper green and grey.

Read the illustrated tutorial showing the construction technique here.

See a similar one button design you might like here.

Or check out this paper bead bracelet design.
Size for this piece is "small" only 7" (178 mm) soon to be available online.

Similar designs can be found in the fiber art section f my Etsy shop.

            Available soon

design and photographs copyright 2013 WhatKnotShop

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