December 31, 2009

BLACKLINE rope bracelets with color accents

New BLACKLINE turks head woven bracelets available in six colors plus black

yellow  (killer bees)

fuchsia (south beach neon)

purple (bruised and confused)

red (classic combo)

pink (pink and black classic)

blue (Black and blue - all beat up and no place to go except to your style hive.)

black (all black all the time)

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WhatKnotShop on Etsy
WhatKnotShop on Zibbet

December 30, 2009

design )strata( cotton fiber anklet

Design )strata( anklet shown here modeled by the beautiful and creative owner of her own craft shop: "The Purple Rat" check it out here:

If you are planning  a winter vacation to a beach resort this is a unique and special accessory that will add color and style to your beach wardrobe. 

Design )strata( bracelets are available with or without embedded beads. All are 100% hand made with hand dyed cotton cord and durable nylon thread. Upcycled scraps of colored cord are used to create these unique pieces. Each one is different but they all share a high level of craftsmanship and durable construction.

This anklet is a toggle closure design allowing it to be easily removed when needed.

This piece is size is x large perfect for the barefoot look. Other sizes are available in shop or you may convo to request a size/color combination all your own.

Design )strata( bracelets are also made without a toggle closure in a slip-on bangle shape. The cotton cord construction is flexible to fit over your hand, lightweight, and colorful.

More like this can be found in the design+fiber section of the Etsy shop 

Also be sure to visit Wild Goose Chase on Zibbet
Vintage items, cards, Valentines, supplies, craft pattern books, feathers, ACEOs and assorted handmade items:

Here is the detail of the ankle bracelet design

December 29, 2009

sailor's rope bracelet with sparkle beads 390

Natural cotton white cord with green plastic sparkle beads woven in.

Sized at 7 1/4" inside circumference this is on the small side of medium. The cotton will shrink after you put it on and get it wet.

The cool part is that the beads are translucent and catch the light in a way which makes the ordinary rope bracelet something special.

The light is better for this last image, not as yellow so you can see a better rendition of the color. The white really looks white, the beads actually look green.

These designs are available here:

WhatKnotShop on Zibbet

BASIC knot bracelet design in large 344

Larger size in the BASIC line shown here in natural white cord.

This design is the basis for the multi-colored designs like these:

or this

These are for those of you who may have larger paws (like me) and need a bigger "slip-on" size than the medium sizes offer. This one is 8 1/8" inside circumference (227 mm).

Now there is no penalty for size, you can order a larger size for the same price as a medium or small but you do have to specify this in your order!

The design is the same but made larger with the same tight weave and double strand. The cotton is virgin and will shrink when wet.

This one is white but any color you see in the BASIC lineup is available.

December 28, 2009

black on black turks head knot bracelet with beads

Black cord, black beads make this well, black on black! The cord is 3 mm polyester and the beads are plastic so it is all organic but not grown in a field or made in a furnace. Yeah maybe this isn't for everyone  but there are other offerings that are made of natural cotton and glass. Look around!

Here you can see the beads placed in the weave showing on both inside and outside the bracelet.

This is on the large side of "medium" at 7 3/4" inside circumference right for a larger adult hand. Smaller and larger sizes are available by request.

check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these three online shops:


grey and white double diamond turks head knot bracelet

Working with the traditional twisted cotton cord and adding some subtle color creates this grey and white classic design.

The cord is tightly twisted and holds it's shape nicely.

The weave is a 17 bight double diamond pattern.

You can see the cut off ends where they are trimmed after the nylon stitching is complete. This stitching holds the loose ends secure and prevents them from coming out of the knot and unravelling.

Any of the turks head bracelets can be supplied with loose ends for those of you who would like to make your own adjustments.

All you have to do is ask!

This one is on the small side of "medium" measuring 6 7/8" inside circumference.

Once you squeeze this on it will tend to shrink and fade a little bit.

Bleach is a really bad idea for any of the hand dyed pieces on this blog or in the Etsy shop. Bleach will fade the color of the dyed cord. So will swimming pools that are full of chlorine.

check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these three online shops:


Design and photos copyright 2009 WhatKnotShop

double weave herringbone rope bracelet designs

Had these made earlier but am just now getting around to posting them. These designs are "narrow" turks head knots made in 3 mm hand dyed cotton cord in an "over-two/under two" sequence.

This is a medium gray

This one is a very light gray.

And of course blue.

Red is always a nice eye-catching color. One of my favorites.

The herringbone weave is thicker but stretches a bit more so will fit a wider range of sizes. This series is a "medium" measuring 7 1/2" inside circumference.

check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these online shops:
WhatKnotShop on Etsy
WhatKnotShop on Zibbet

December 21, 2009

cotton fiber bracelet w toggle & beads design )strata( 311

Toggle closure design )strata( series cotton fiber bracelet with beads sticking out everywhere. This is not smooth. It has attitude.

There is a long loose end with a glass bead for a toggle stop. It looks like a tail.

It measures 7 1/2" inside circumference so it would be a comfortable anklet for someone with skinny feet or a bracelet for someone with large size wrist.

Pulling this one together with nylon thread got the beds and cotton cords to do the chummy wrap around liquidy thing so that it look like it was grown instead of assembled.

Many more unique designs are available in the three online shops:
Check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite


If you don't find something you like request a custom design.

Design and photos copyright 2009 WhatKnotShop

turks head knot wide herringbone weave sailor bracelet in nylon 199

1 3/4" wide cuff style bracelet made from continuous piece of1/8" nylon cord. This is called a "running" turks head.

You can see the over-two, under-two pattern which suggests the name "herringbone" based on the bone structure of the Herring fish.

The finished bracelet is somewhat flexible. The cord has been drawn up into a tight weave which holds the shape of the bracelet firmly in place.

The red beads are added for color.

A long time is spent tensioning the cord to reduce the uneven edges created by the natural bias in the weave. A smooth jaw round pliers is used to carefully tension the individual strands without tearing the nylon.

Check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite design from one of these three online shops:

(Custom orders are welcomed!)

Design and photographs copyright 2009 WhatKnotShop

December 17, 2009

black polyester & green glass beads turks head knot rope bracelet 127

Here is a smaller size black polyester bracelet with green glass beads interwoven. There is a larger size of this exact same design listed in the Etsy shop #366. Both are made of the same materials.

The design is a 12 x 5 x 2 double diamond weave with the beads placed in the second (doubling) strand. Polyester will have very minimal shrinkage if any at all. The color is integral to the cord so there should be no fading or at least minimal fading over time.
Size for this one is 6 3/4" inside circumference which would be an adult "small". The weave is relaxed so it can slip over a slightly larger hand. It's about 2 1/4" inside diameter and 1 1/4" wide.

The ends are stitched so it will hold it's shape and not unravel.

If you want an adjustable bracelet in this design with unattached ends so that you can tighten it up to your custom size just ask.

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

Custom colors blue and yellow in a turks head bracelet

This 5 x 17 x 3 double diamond piece was made for a customer who wanted school colors used in the design. The size was worked up to 7 1/2" inside circumference that would fit the average adult or large teenager. This being cotton it will shrink a bit and the colors will tend to fade over time especially if worn during swimming in a pool. (Chlorine is an efficient bleaching agent)

The materials are all cotton. The color is blue and yellow. This is an approximation of blue and gold which is a traditional favorite among Boy Scouts and high schools in many parts of the US.

Custom work like this is available by request

check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these online shops:
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WhatKnotShop on Zibbet

December 16, 2009

cat disrupts photo session, convicted but shows no remorse

I'm in the middle of shooting photos in my improv light box and the cat decides it's play time and burrows under the fabric (light diffuser) and bumps the product off the table and on the floor.

Attempts to lure him off with a string toy is unsuccessful.

This is what these automatons like to do when the weather turns cold and they don't want to go outdoors. Ok, well that and sleep and eat.

wide turks head knot bracelet 393

I like these wide weave designs as it really allows the color and pattern to show. This one is a natural white cotton with a center strand of light grey.

The "faded" colors (not really faded) look like something that got bleached.

This is a 9 x 13 x 3 double diamond weave.

See the little piece of nylon thread on the inside? That's where the end stitching is. All the bracelets are stitched so they don't get messed by partial unwrapping. All except the "adjustable" designs and these are clearly labeled in the description.

This grey color is an old dye bath that had been previously used to create a much darker batch of cotton cord. The diluted result is what is used here.

RIT dye seems to have a warm grey drift in the color.

This piece is now available in the Zibbet shop:

check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these three online shops:


December 15, 2009

new )strata( design fiber art bracelet in blue and green with glass beads 384

Design )strata( with a green edge wrap and a pair of embedded green glass beads. Constructed on a mold and edge-stitched together with four ply nylon thread these slip on bracelets are strong and durable for continuous wear.

Colors are green, blue, white, and sand-tan

Size is a medium 7 1/2" circumference.

unique fiber art bracelets like this are available in the online shops:

WhatKnotShop on Etsy
WhatKnotShop on Zibbet

design and photos copyright 2009 WhatKnotShop

three color turks head bracelet 382

Experimenting with mixing three colors in a 9 x 13 design this piece has a dark grey, natural white in the center, and a light grey strand.

The design is a 9 x 13 weave which creates a nice 2" width that will fit a smaller wrist.

Circumference is 7 1/8" making it a medium-small with the usual shrinkage factor for the all cotton material.

The three color weave requires extra time to work up as the strands are all individually placed and tensioned.

Stitching the ends is a challenge as well. There are 6 strands that must be bound together.

black polypropylene turks head bracelet 378

Working with synthetics to make this 9 x 22 design
The material is a 3 mm multi-filament polypropylene with a mixed synthetic core made by Wellington. I think it is more like a 2 mm diameter as the finished piece is a nice middle of the range "medium" size coming in at 7 1/2" circumference.

No shrink and not much stretch. The material is very uniform and lays out very nicely. Texture is moderately soft. This one is left in a firm but relaxed shape.

Color is a nice black with orange flecks.
Ends are stitched and not melted so there are no scratchy or hard nubs.

Check your slip-on size click here then select  from one of the three online shops:


Design and photos copyright 2009 WhatKnotShop