August 20, 2015

child's beaded bracelet 3678

A small but highly detailed bracelet made from handmade rope , handmade paper beads, and glass beads. Recalls folk-art fashion made up materials appropriated from the recycle bin. The paper beads are made out of glossy magazine paper  and glue, the handmade rope is made from lightweight cotton twine.

There is no clasp or buttons this is a bangle style slip on design made with a spiral pattern layout.
 The three-ply rope is laid up around a mold and the beads are placed in the gap between the cords. High strength nylon thread is passed through the cord and beads securing the beads in position.

The cord ends are bound to the perimeter
A combination of handmade paper beads and small glass beads are used which creates a textured and colorful pattern.

Made for very small hands...
6" (153 mm) circumference
2" (51 mm) wide

1.1 oz / 32g

75 beads
Available here on ArtFactSite

design and photographs © copyright 2015

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