March 7, 2013

knotted adjustable rope bracelet 2575

 This knotted rope bracelet design uses several old-school marlinspike techniques to produce an adjustable rope bracelet. This design is made from a piece of cotton cord that has been hand dyed in a backyard recipe of black walnut hulls. These are the annoying green and brown shards that squirrels leave behind to stain your driveway or sidewalk with their pungent and powerful dye that leaches out during rainstorms.

Here's one made in white cord.
On one end of the cord is a 2x2x2 monkey fist knot tied without a core. A larger version of this knot is often used to make a weighted heaving line that can be thrown across a gap between ships and then used to haul a heavier piece of line across the gap.

There are a pair of sliding barrel knots on either side of the reverse loops that secure the adjustment with a high friction grip. You can draw the running part thought he knot but it requires a bit of effort so this knot will hold the line in position where you leave it.
The third technique is the brown waxed whipping that secures the loop and the loose end of the monkey fist. The whipping has a concealed loop that buries the live end under the whipping making it appear that there are no loose ends. The extra length has been trimmed off to preserve the illusion. Here's a link, scroll down to "method 2" to see how this one is made.

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