March 22, 2013

how to adjust the slip-knot rope bracelet

 This tutorial shows how to adjust the size of the nautical slip-knot rope bracelet.

These bracelets are available here.

Remove bracelet from package. Lay flat as shown.

Separate monkey fist knot from loop.

Grab cord attached to monkey fist knot.

Note: There are two cords that pass through the barrel knot that can be adjusted to equalize the size of the bracelet.

Pull cord through barrel knot.

Expand bracelet, slip on over hand.

Pull on monkey fist knot to tighten up bracelet.

Note: If the fixed loops are unequal size, expand the bracelet and pull on the other running cord to equalize the loop size.

Adjust to a comfortable fit. Replace monkey fist in loop to hold loose ends together.

These bracelets are available here.

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