March 30, 2011

black paracord herringbone bracelet/anklet 1238

This is a very large herringbone weave design made with black nylon parachute cord or paracord. This material is coreless that is there are no center strands inside the braided sheathing so it is very flexible and soft. As you can see form the photo the shape is still somewhat irregular. This is an experimental knot. It might work as a bracelet or perhaps an ankle bracelet if it is fully worked up to a firm symmetrical shape.

This turks head knot is a massive 41 bight x 21 part design which measures about 10" (253 mm) inside circumference in it's current relaxed state. This one will stretch to about 11 1/2". Here you can see the distinctive overlapping pattern. The core-less para cord lies flat. A para cord with 5 or 7 strand cores would be much thicker and stiffer than this example.
You may also be interested in this white paracord design.

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Nicole said...
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nitsuj relgiez said...

Would this be for sale?

George Hutchinson said...

Yes this and many other designs are available here: