November 24, 2010

white paracord herringbone weave turks head knot bracelet 1006

This wide cuff design is made with white nylon parachute cord. This material is slightly larger than 1/8" diameter with a fine woven cover over a soft core which make the cord naturally soft to the touch. Unlike hard braided cord this material can take a "set" once it has been knotted. The work up process must be done in a single session so as not to distort the cord resulting in an uneven tension and subsequent uneven shape of the knot.

Here's a large black paracord anklet/bracelet design you might also find interesting
This side view shows the 17 part weave design clearly. The soft cord has formed a flat surface on the knot instead of creating ribs where the overlaps occur.
This is a "medium" size measuring 8" (203 mm)
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smet337 said...

I really love your work. I understand this is your business but where can I find a tutorial or information for this? Understand if you can not. Thanks for your time Scot

George Hutchinson said...

All of the designs shown on the blog are sourced directly or indirectly from the Ashley Book of Knots which was published in 1944. You can find a copy on Amazon by searching on this title.

Additionally there are several published tutorials on this blog:

Here's a simple plain weave design:

Here's a narrower herringbone tutorial:

And here is a wide 13 part plain weave design tutorial:

smet337 said...

Thank you George for your help I really do appreciate it. Wish you a Happy New Year.Scot