November 17, 2009

Part 1, building a 13 part turks head knot bracelet in pictures

This is the second part of the tutorial:

Unwind the cord and work out all the kinks so it is relaxed. Find the center of the cord about 15 ft from one end and place a loop under the left hand rubber band as shown.

(The rest can be coiled up and placed inside the cardboard tube)

roll the tube towards you and go half way around the tube and place another loop, (or "bight") under the right hand rubber band (on the opposite side)

bulk cord in white and hand dyed colors available here

keep going around the tube and cross OVER the first (standing) lead. Place a bight under the left hand rubber band opposite the existing bight on the right.

Here you can see the pattern clearly. Continue around placing new bights opposite existing bights. See how it creates a diamond shape?

When you get to the starting point, place the bight under the left hand rubber band placing the running lead OVER the standing lead.
Remember this move, you will use it to complete the rest of the knot.

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need something easier? Try this four part design


Diwata Luna said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy your cord? I have looked at our local craft stores and they don't carry anything like that.

George said...

The cord used in this tutorial is from Martin Combs who offers a wide range of 100% cotton cords in different sizes. Here's a link to his website Knotstuff Cords where you can order bulk quantities of this cord:

If you would like a smaller quantity or a kit with cut-to-order cord plus illustrated instructions please contact me directly. thanks and happy knotting!

Anonymous said...

How long does the cord need to be? It says 15ft but is that end to end or just half of it?

George said...

The total cord length required is 30 ft. When you start the knot you will need to find the middle of the cord about 15 ft from one end and lay it out as shown.